Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hello everyone! I finally have the time to settle down and blog about my countdown!! Can't believe it's 2014 already! Time passed by so fast! How did all of you spent your countdown? Did all of you had fun? I'm sure you did!! I had a great time & company but I am having rashes now oh my God, I wanna kill a bitch! Alright, shall let the pictures do the talking :)

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I haven't been posting videos on my youtube channel so here's a short update! A video diary to sum up my 2013! Remember to change the quality to HD ;)

30th December
 Met up with my boyfriend on Monday and we had no plans at all after our dinner. So he suggested that we walk to Sentosa hahaha we had heart to heart talks, as usual. Then we settled down to rest and just chill.


31st December
Ahhhhh, 31st December, the last day of 2013 and also the last day at my work! My colleagues wanted to eat pizza for my farewell party but in the end we got mac!

Went home after work to pack my things and I went to meet Jeslin at bugis! Walked around for abit and we decided to eat our dinner. We were suppose to go to Marina Barrage but Joey went to spend it with someone else :( THAT SLUT HAHAHAH just kidding, I love her and I am super happy for her! 

After dinner we headed to Yita's house. When we were on the bus, we pressed the bell at the wrong stop lol then the bus driver shouted at us LIKE OMG RUDEEEE!! You can just close the door and continue to drive, and we already said sorry?!?!
So after that longggggg walk, we finally reached his place. Damien, Yita, Yangqin, Hongyi, Zhuqi, Gabriel and Zhenjie was already there

We were super bored okay, so Jeslin played LoL. The guys didn't even bother to like plan something to do!?!?!

So we were waiting for the clock to strike to 12 midnight, I was getting all excited HAHAHA I think I looked abit crazy!

1st January 
Yay it was 00:00, which means the new year!!!!! We were all shouting and cheering HAHAHA

And yes, we just grabbed whatever slipper we could find cause we don't want to be barefooted!

Walked to the 7/11 and we got our drinks!

We settled down and played the drinking game. Yita mixed coke with vodka(btw, it was the first time that I'm drinking HAHAHA)

The drink taste like cough syrup lor omg!!!

After we finished the coke, we mixed green tea with the vodka. Hongyi was laughing and doing funny things HAHAHAHHA he was super drunk lah omg!! 

HAHAHAHA I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING AT HONGYI MAN. He was giving all sorts of faces and making a lot of noises!

Jeslin's mom was on her way to come fetch me and Jes, and she was quite drunk, she can't even walk properly and was jumping around HAHAHA. And I'm asking everybody to smell my sock and I even tell Jeslin that I wanted to give her my new year kiss & also kissed her on the cheeks. But we both were aware of what's happening around us.

Had a great time with all of them. Am really happy that I spent another countdown with my idiot <3 Will end my post here, will be back with another update tomorrow!!