Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today was interesting!! When I was on my way to meet my bf, this uncle faint and I'm really glad that this guy volunteered to gave the uncle a cpr or something. Apparently, this uncle already looked very pale and nobody bothered to give up their seat to him, oh boy... (haha I very kpo uh) The smrt staff sent him to the hospital cause they called for an ambulance. God bless that young man who helped the uncle!

 Okay, so we met at somerset for brunch and I told him that I was craving for Toast Box's curry chicken so he brought me there to eat. HAHAHA

Well, I actually wanted to shop for CNY clothes but I might as well go to Hong Kong and buy... right? He got lots of top hehe and I chose it all for him! Too bad that the worker gave him the wrong size for one of my fav top, it was a size L so bf gave his shirt to his dad. It's 1 for 1 anyway so he only paid $69 for that 1 top!! I don't even know why guy's clothes are so expensive omg!!!

After walking around Somerset, we walked to dhoby. He dragged me to go play pool with him when I don't even want to. I am serious, he literally dragged me inside the place HAHA! It was my first time playing and I actually played quite well! I thought I'll miss every ball that I want to hit but I didn't!! HAHAHA, he also suggested that the loser must pay for this, I lost to him(of course lah) but in the end, he paid for it! I felt super bad...

Settled down for some waffle w/ ice cream and tea!!!

Took a bus back to Jurong cause his grandma told us to eat dinner at her house. We were laughing and giggling about the things that we talked about and got tired HAHA bf slept throughout the whole entire bus journey to Jurong, he must be really very tired from all the shopping. I was kinda hungry to I took out my lollipop and ate it, TOTAL BADASS MOMENT  okay haha just kidding! The little girl in front of me kept on staring at my lollipop HAHA! 

After dinner, I took a cab back home. Thank God I got a cab in just 2 minutes time cause I wanted to get home earlier so that I could get some rest.

Okay, just some selfies before I end this post!

Really enjoyed my day with him today. Gonna miss him so badly when I am on my hk trip! I can really see the sad look on his face when I was saying goodbye to him. :( That's all for today, bye now!!