Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hey guys.

                Baby bought me this for my present and I love it kkkkkk. I love candies ^.^

Went home after that and celebrated my birthday with my family and camwhored with my sister then my grandmother, grandfather, aunt and uncle came down because they were free. My stupid camera was out of battery and didn't even have a chance to take a picture with them -.-

                 I hate the gaps on my fringe :(

                 The rest was take by my phone, and I took pictures quickly as it only left like 13%

                 Monkey girl ;)

Yep, that's all I have to say.
Liyi and the rest are celebrating my belated birthday tomorrow and she'll be coming over to my house first.

Holidays are getting shorter, and the worst thing? Baby is going to his PTI course for two days and going hk for 6 days. Will fucking miss him can, just wish he can like find some ways to contact me. Or maybe there's prepaid there that he can buy and I can call him when he's back at the hotel. He's super sweet lah okay, it's killing me. Hehehehehe

Got my nails done few days back and it only cost me $16, quite cheap already hehhee. Nails not long enough so didn't do other nicer ones. But gonna do mani again after my nails are long enough :)

      A picture before all of you go.........

Bye for now, will update soon again if I am not lazy hahahaha :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Judgmental and coward bitches or assholes.

Here to blog about hate comments or haters. Ever since I created a Formspring account, I have received very nice anonymous messages which I really appreciate and it really makes me stronger, in person.

To haters out there:
I don't know what is the problem with all of you but I'm just going to accept all your insults and other comments on me. Since you like to judge? Judge more then. :) Think about it, if it is you who were in this kind of situation, how would you feel? Hey, I'm not going against you insulting me or whatever shit. But get this very clear in your pea brain head alright, I'd enough of your nonsensical comments and idgaf, I am who I am. Can't accept it? Then learn to deal with it. :) I know I have a suckish attitude and a very ugly face and you all hate me because that's what haters do right? Is that all you're being happy about? Wasting your own fucken time just to insult on me just to bring me down? Oh fuck no, I'm not gonna let all of those little things and comments to let me fall hard on the ground hard. I'm gonna be stronger yep.

Calling me a slut won't make you any better. Will it make you prettier? Nicer? Having a bigger boobs? Or more confidence in yourself? Fuck no, you're just making fun of your own self. And hey, get to know my well first before you even judge on me. Look at yourself in the mirror before you judge on me. Understand? If you don't then why not just leave me alone? Why do you care so much about me? Am I you? Or do you own my body? I really sympathize all of you though.... Sad, do you live to only judge people or me? I'm not being mean here or anything but just giving you a piece of my mind. On the other hand, I'd love y'all to confront me face2face or Facebook inbox me to confront me. Why be little dogs being an anon, and like a fool to insult people?

C'mon, if you have got the guts to insult me, you must have the guts to confront me yep :) I salute you if you insult me with a proper name or face2face. :)
Call me fake, say that I copy, say that I'm flat, I'm ugly, I'm short or anything. But what does all that makes you? You're more like insulting yourself more than you're insulting me. Stop being a laughing stock over at my Formspring :) If you think you're better than me, then you obviously will confront me but not hide behind that computer/laptop screen of yours to insult me like a little pathetic dog.

I don't care at all, I don't care about you judging me. In fact, I want to say a really big thank you because you're really being a entertainer to me and anybody else who reads my Formspring because they're in for a good laugh. Nobody's perfect, neither are you. Hate me? Leave and I totally welcome you to send as much as hate comments/insults as you want to. Love me? Then enjoy your stay over here, I'm sure I'll treat you the way like how you treat me. :) So what does all this makes you? You won't be any better y'know, like seriously. You're just making yourself a human who is even worse than me.

And yes, one last thing before I even end this post. Saying that I copy her or her or her or her? What fucking century are you in? God, are you still a little kid. Don't you copy too? Everyone does. If I'm copying someone, that someone will come and confront me if they're not happy about it. It's not like his/her stuffs are "Copyrighted". Everybody uses like almost the same words they say or whatever things. You mean I'm typing "i" right now, means I'm copying you? Ask me to get a life? You are the one who should get a life. Think about it, you're not a kid anymore and it's a whole new world and a whole different century. Have a good night and enjoy the rest of your life. Oh and ya, people will think that you're jealous of me. So watch who you're messing with. Think twice before you even want to comment about me. :) Cheers! xx

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


                                                This is so long time ago. HAHAHA
Hello everyone. Ain't gonna say that much because I've got nothing much to say... Just a short post :) How's life everyone? Great? Good? Fine? Suckish? Or a bitch? Mine's definitely fine. Have been spending my days with baby over at his house. Watching him sleep early in the morning by his bed and he's such a cutie, I swear. And yes, I've changed my blog skin and change a little details about my blog. It is so much better now aites! ^.^ Two days back I went over to baby's house and we camwhored, like finally but the image like went wrong and it was fucking small :( Oh well, gonna post some up still.

So this are the super small pictures. -.- Should kill myself now but I can still at least see memories over here :)
Today actually should attend my class bbq but back off in stead, but at least there are still quite a number of people who turned up and the worse thing is, it rained in the afternoon and I don't know what they did. Well, will go for the next class outing then. No worries :)
People have been asking questions about me and Damien, we are perfectly fine with each other and that's all y'all should know :) I still got some rude questions like "are you a virgin? you and damien so long oredi never fuck meh? O.o" Oh c'mon anon, who said that couples who are together for a very long time had sex before? Or need to have sex? They just need to spend quality time with each other, doing things they want to do and have their romantic and fun day out, right? We ain't Americans, we are Asians. Remember that :) Not insulting or going against Americans though!!!! 

Hmm I guess that's all I wanna say. Need to get my nails done soon and go look for a job at FEP with Stacey this Saturday. Wish me the best of luck for getting a job there, hahahah. Alright, enjoy your holidays :) Turn that frown up-side-down. Lastly, click on my Nuffnang... THANKS A BUNCH, toodles!!! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Never sacrifice who you are just because someone else has an issue with it.

Hi there! Back from a short break. Life's better, for now.
First of all, I'm going to dedicate a post to my dearest boyfriend. Then followed by my sister's birthday celebration. So I shall start now, bare with me for a little while.

Hey silly. You've been such a wonderful and awesome boyfriend. Thanks for always making my day, remember thursday(3rd November)? I had a really fabulous day with you, although we didn't go out but we stayed at your house watch PA1 and PA2, followed by Blackshot. I know I am god damn noob because I just started, but not bad leh can at least kill you quite a number of times. I am fucking lucky to have you by my side okay. Don't care what others say, because what I say, it's the most important thing.

I don't know if you're reading this or not. But really hope you do come by my blog and visit (I know you will).
Last month was still okay, at least we didn't quarrel that much and you're fucken cute and lovely k! You know I'll always love you right? I can really see that you really love me a lot. Those times when you tear for me, I was really very shocked. You were the very first guy who really cry for me and I'm seriously sorry for those hurting words that I've said to you. When I hugged you and comfort you, I was feeling all guilty. You know?
                                    (This picture was so fucken epic, I tip-toed and you squad down a little!)

For all this months, I want to thank you for being there for me ALL THE TIME. I really hope we last like forever?!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean like, I don't believe in forever, but you made me believed in it! I know I have been a nuisance and acting like some kid. But you know why? Because I love you, and I'll get jealous easily, I'M OVER-SENSITIVE. I swear to you, I have never ever loved someone as much as how I love you. It's like whenever I'm with you, I'm like flying already hahahaha.

I don't care what other people say about us, judge us or even insult us or whatever shit. As long as there's the both of us, we'll always fight through everything together okai, mua. Although everything's just too hard for us. And I know I've got you into a deep trouble, but you still didn't count me in your "burden list" and I'm like "WTF? I always caused so much trouble but you still have to give me advises and help me clean up my mess (my mum too) and you didn't even complain a single shit!"

Honestly speaking I really have this fucken feeling that we will last very long! Talk about crazy stuffs now... I don't know what to do if you're going for NS service...... for like in 4/5/6 years time? Also found out from my mum about NS stuffs whether when you book in or book out if you're in the different hmmm... what do I call that? "Platoon"? Never mind, don't care. If we can last till that long, I will wait for you k! Go fetch you home after you booked out and send you back to book in again and stuffs like this, I PROMISE! <3

I have no idea what will happen in the future, but I'm all prepared for it. I still remember the heart2heart talks everytime we had over at your house. It's just so relaxing, I mean like... I always feel comfortable talking to you about anything. Only the both of us, talking all day long, watching movies and playing games together. And whenever we have our heart2heart talks, you just keep on touching my hair and to me, it feels like you sayang me like that. I just want to spend my everyday with you la okay. ;-)

Baby, I don't know if you're reading this now or not. But.... if you're reading this, I know you have much more worries than I do. In fact the both of us have a whole lot of insecurities and stuffs related to that. I'm sorry that I said all those hurtful words in the past that made you cried.... I'm really sorry and I really felt guilty after saying all those heart-stabbing words. You might choose not to say a lot of things because you have been tolerating and yes, you don't want to hurt me. Time and I will prove to you that you have never chosen the wrong girl from the very beginning. Please take care of yourself when I'm not by your side and don't make me worry too much alright? If anything happens to you, I really don't know what to do but just cry hard like the world's gonna end right now. As long as you're trying, I'm staying! I really love you. & if our love is strong, nothing can ever go wrong silly. <3 We will always make it through in life, stick together and work together and yes, love together! I love you, forever & always. xoxo

Although at times, my sister may be irritating. But I swear, she's the best sister in the whole wide world and I love her. <3
I will start with my sister's birthday for now then!

                 Sister's birthday cake! Like a chio <3

Too lazy to elaborate what happened, maybe next time I will update this post again! hahahaha lazy-ness!

The rest of the photos are taken with Queenie's iTouch.....

Alright, that's all for today! Bye, will update soon again. :-)