Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pretty Hurts

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating this space... I just needed a break from everything, argh I feel like shit right now. Hate this :( Okay so... On wednesday, I went to meet my bf for breakfast before he went out with his friends. Then I went back home to change then headed to yew tee to cruise with Jeslin HAHAHAHAHA the park really cmi though and we were damn disappointed. Went to bugis and ate this desert at "black ball"??? Shall let the pictures do the talking!
Checkered top sponsored by @biitsnpiecessspo! <3

Out with my fav bimbz on thursday hehehe went to town to hunt for a new cover and she also needed to buy present for her colleague. HAHAHAHA every mirror we see, we took a picture! 
crystal front cutout romper sponsored by @selleverythingyouwant <3 <3 <3

Went to sing k at bugis with my fav girls on friday <3 I enjoyed my time with them omg they always make me smile and I love each and everyone of them. So glad that they came into my life <3
I love ksuites's drumstick omggggg

Selfies and lots of photobomb <3

Cass had to leave early :((( Went to eat dinner, wanted to eat korean food but the queue was damn long... So in the end we ate this :)
Alright, goodbye everyone. No mood for anything right now but I am looking forward to tomorrow, gonna cruise with my fav girls <3