Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 1 year 5 months (in advance)

Hi y'all, here with an special update again. 

Watch the video I made for him here, did it yesterday, my laptop got fucked up and it just auto shut down half way while it's lagging, luckily, when I opened windows movie maker, it was saved and I can still edit it. :)


Hi qtbunnyboy, I don't know if you're reading this or looking at my video but I am gonna make a post for you anyway. Firstly, I want to thank God for making us knowing each other 2 and a half years or more back... I really didn't regret meeting you nor knowing you AND ESPECIALLY I HAVE NEVER EVER REGRETTED BEING TOGETHER WITH YOU. Never did and never will I regret. Time really passes very fast huh? It's already 1 year 5 months, I can still recall the day when we just got together. Most of the people out there didn't think we can last this long but look, we did. Although we always quarrel over many things, but I'm already trying not to bother about whatever you do, and just close one eye, then get over it. I can't bear to see you get hurt, you really mean the whole world to me.

I love you so, so much that I can do anything for you, but there's a limit to everything

I miss those late night calls we had... I miss it... And the times when we webcam, aww those are the sweetest moments I can never forget. Baby you're the best, you make me stand after every single fall and assure me with your words. I always, ALWAYS... rant to you at how insecure I can get or how insecure I am at times, and how paranoid I can get over certain issues and you're still so damn patient with me. Oh God, everyone knows I love you so much and that NOBODY, really NOBODY can ever take you away from me. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn't want to let go of it, I'll hold on to you tightly and never let you go love. I know your feelings are true to me and you're like the only one in the entire world who will not turn your back against me. I love you dearly, I really do. A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

I know sometimes I might be a little too f*cked up, but, you still tolerate and say "I love you". Ahhhh I just love you so much. The moments when I'm so mad at you that I walked away either crying or really so damn pissed, you just ran after me, and hugged me to tightly from the back, saying "You cannot let me go, I won't let you do that, I love you." DAMN! You're just so sweet and down to earth. I still remember the times when we actually really fight and punch each other (for fun), but you always give in to me, and didn't punch me hard but just softly. Those times are my favorites! You can even carry me up on your shoulder and then make me feel like I'm falling but I know you won't let me go and get hurt. ❤ And this is why I love you soooo sooo much... The times when we just... have our heart to heart talks, when we're cuddling, talking about our past and how much fun we had.... How we first met.... and all...

I never once think of that day I'll be losing you, but one day, I will so I will just have to accept the fact and move on if that one day happens...

I remember the first time when I met you, we were both strangers, and I FIND YOU REALLY VERY ANNOYING CAUSE YOU LOVE TO DISTURB ME. And I'll just be like screaming at you saying stop it or I'll just pinch you, hehe. We created so many troubles for ourselves and literally laughing at how silly we are back then... We wrote small little notes and letters to each other, I find that sweet... And you encouraged me to study and also... score well for my tests or exams. Those are also the times that I can never ever forget. It just stays with me, for life.

Slowly........ we quarreled and have lots of fight. But what's relationship without quarrels and fights? It's normal. We learn from our mistakes. And we forgive and give in to each other countless of times. Even if sometimes, we both feel like giving up.... but we didn't, because of the love we have for each other and we just couldn't let go of each other. Although you have did a lot of bad things.... that have made me so upset and heartbroken, but I still love you more than ever, that's because I learn to forgive people, but you know you won't get away with your mistakes. ;)

For a period of time, we didn't meet each other for a very long time, continuously, it's like a short little break for each other. But I HATE IT. I missed you so so bad. At first, you went for the overseas learning journey with school, for around a week and next? You went to hong kong......... for 6 days..... I endured and waited for you to come back. Cried to sleep every night because I just miss you so so much. I have never missed someone so much like how I did that time.... it's really my first time I ever cried for so long. And then, you came back, I WAS SO HAPPY. Then you read all the texts I sent to you... You said you miss me, I cried, again... because I was too happy to see you again. Memories that I can never forget..... DAMN!

We have been through a lot, and even cried together just because of me being too emotional and upset over my family issues, you told me everything, about your family issues, and made me feel so grateful to have such a great life. You taught me how to not be so selfish, not be so weak... Taught me how to be strong, how to deal with situations that I can't. You're my best friend, my shopping mate, movie mate, smiling pill (laughing too), be it good or bad times, I still will keep it with me and recall back, laugh or smile at it. 

These are the things that I will never forget for life, really. It just stays with me, automatically. 

I may be unreasonable at times, but you still talked to me nicely. And can still laugh because sometimes... we CAN'T STAY SERIOUS. *laughing out loud now* I assume things easily, but you still explain everything clearly to me, to make me understand and know about it. And although sometimes I may overreact a little, but you still laugh at my silly actions that I've done. Man, I love God, for actually making us know each other... Not only that, but I love God for giving me such a great life, great people in my life. I love you... I really do.

Sometimes I question myself too, why am I so clingy? Because I know you don't like it, so I'm trying my best, to not be like that. BUT.... I'm just afraid that I would lose you... I don't want to lose you, you're the only best thing that has ever happened to me, I don't want to let you go... I know you love me and believe in forever, but it doesn't exist, so we'll have accept that! We learn about each other more and more everyday, notice every single little actions that we both do, and then, most importantly, love each other more and more each day. 

I may not be the best for you, but I know I am the one and only for you, nobody can replace my place... Nobody can take you away from me. 

I know you're going to cry after you read this. Cheyyyy just joking only. I know it's abit too mushy but it's because I love you. Did so so so many dedications for you, and even wrote random letters to each other and keep it somewhere that nobody can read it awww. I randomly read those letters and laugh to myself, sometimes I recall our past memories and laugh to myself in the public or in class, my friends think I am crazy but hehe it's okay, I am crazy! I'll be ending this post here... So get ready to receive a bunch of love on the 3rds alright? This is just a advance 1 year 5 months post for you xoxo


The YouTube video link here: (same as the above)

Ending this post with a picture of me.....

And this video I found just now so I uploaded as I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED MY OTHER TWO VLOGS.... :(

Okay bye~

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Victoria's Secret Angels

Hi y'all! Sorry for not updating for a very very very very very long time, as I am busy with school. Haha I think I only didn't update for 10 days. Okay but never mind!

Joey approached me to help her promote her blogshop as she is going to send in her order by next thursday, so yep, do support her alright? 

Here's the link:

It's not only just contact lenses that she's selling, she is selling tees too, simple ones but are very attractive especially the unicorn, wolf and moustache ones!!! Actually, you can buy the tees and also cut it as what you want to design like. Very easy and yeah, do support her as she is sending in her orders soon!!! Contact her through her facebook, or just text her @83661435 tact for any enquiries. Check out her site for more details, all are stated over there!! :)

The past few days has been a emotional day for me due to many things that has happened to me, not gonna talk about it here...

Just some pictures, I have nothing much to update about and I'm so sorry. :( Someone has suggested me to not post up too many of my camwhores because it might get too boring if all of you keep scrolling down, haha maybe if you all could just give me some suggestion that I could blog about and this blog would be more interesting, you need to understand, as there's school so yeah, my blog is getting more dead, more pictures and lesser words hahaha ok......

STEP SMALL EYES *inserts that laughing emoji*

 fav VS perfume mua hehe. <3

Me in school, I don't know who the hell took this but did was candid as I was listening to my teacher while copying down the workings. OMG

The VS angels <3

My love, Miranda Kerr <3

Bye y'all, I PROMISE, I'll have a proper post VERY soon okay! So sorry!! xoxo