Friday, January 3, 2014


Hi guys! It's 11pm now and I am still awake, rushing to finish this post. Gosh, I need to sleep earlier to adjust my body clock man!! Anyway, there'll be two dedications today. So bear with me just a little while.
Hi baby, you're probably asleep right now cause you slept at 8pm, so freaking early omg! Before it ends, just wanna wish us happy 2 years 10 months. Wow! This 34 months have been one hell of a ride. There were so many ups and downs, but everything that happened made us even stronger and better. I know that I am not the best girlfriend that you can ever find but I am 110% giving you my best! You ah, always getting jealous over this and that. SO FREAKING CUTE but it is annoying sometimes HAHAHA! We're not in the same school anymore so it is difficult for us to meet up due to our schedule but I'll for sure cherish every single second with you when I have the chance to meet you. Thank you for tolerating with all my nonsense and bullshit cause I am pretty sure that I can never find anyone else who can put up with all my shit. I love all your hugs, kisses, surprises and every single thing that you do for me. So glad that I met you!

I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don't even think, for a second, that we will ever break up. Cause no matter how bad the fight or battle is, we'll still win it and conquer it together. It's cute how you talk to me about the future, about us getting married and stuff. Hehe. You make me happy. I am the luckiest girl in this universe! Let's go play soccer and arcade together again some time soon, I hope ;) For now, you have to concentrate on your studies and do well for your o's! Make me proud baby! I love you xoxo <3

Hey Trexie! Here's a dedication to you too ;) Your birthday falls on my anniversary date eh hehehe. Happy 17th birthday bitch <3 I love you so much!! It was really nice getting to know you & also getting closer to you. You're so freaking crazy omg! And last forever with your prince, make sure you invite me to your wedding okay, the both of you too cute lah! If he hurts you I'll punch him in the face! Hope you've enjoyed your day today & the presents and everything. Our surprise damn good right, I know!! Stay crazy, beautiful & lovable forever. I love you gurllllll, you so fineeeeee!! Xoxo <3


So on 1st Jan, I got home at home 3+am. Then woke up at 7am, I don't even know why I always wake up at such an early timing! Met up with my jes bby in the afternoon. Went to bugis to walk around, then we headed to Vivo! The both of us were feeling kinda sick, oh damn it! Alright, shall let the pictures do the talking!! 

Our ootd:

And since the guys are at the beach, we decided to head to Sentosa's candylicious and do the bean boozled challenge. (is that what I call it?)

My natural hair colour is damn obvious here! Omg I love this place in Sentosa man!!

I love all the photos that we took man!! Can't even choose which one to put as my lockscreen wallpaper!! Jes was feeling unwell after walking back to Vivo from Sentosa so she went home first and left me alone with the guys :( I THINK THE GUYS WENT TO THE BEACH JUST TO SEE GIRLS HAHAHA.

My boyfriend sent me home after that. I am gonna miss that boy so much man!! When he said goodbye, he hugged me damn tightly and was sad to leave. Argh he make me wanna hug him tightly from the back :(((

Hahaha alright, will stop with all the mushy lovey dovey words. See you all tomorrow, toodles!!