Thursday, January 9, 2014

Something good can work.

Hellooooo everyone! I had this weird dream that I was in The Vampire Diaries today and Stefan saved my life hahaha I haven't watch tvd for such a longggg time, I think this dream is telling me to go watch it like RIGHT NOW! Anyway, check out my video if you haven't! ;-) I don't even know why the views were stuck at 300+, it is super annoying omg!!!
Just a little rant x

Don't you hate it when you care for someone and that person just don't realize how much effort you have put into everything that you do? Yup, I hate it. Oh my God. I just feel like giving up and not giving a shit about anybody and just be selfish for once, and care about my own feelings. Some people just don't care about how you feel, they ALWAYS think for themselves and not for the others. Argh can you just stop being so full of yourself?! WAKE UP!!! And start giving a shit before everybody gives up on you.

Well, I obviously need to stop giving a shit about the things you do that can hurt me. 

At the end of the day, you're the one losing everything, not me. It is your loss. Not mine. I hope God will teach you a lesson and wake you up. You totally deserve it man. When you're left with nobody, blame no one but yourself for being such a fool. Wake up before you make more mistakes and start regretting every single bad thing that you did to everyone in your life who truly cares about you.


Met up with Jeslin today! Went to penisula & funan to check out all the cameras cause she wanted to get a new one but she have yet to make up her mind yet. She better choose her camera wisely and not be like me.... HAHAHA I shouldn't talk about that... After all the walking and talking, we settled down at pastamania for dinner!

Then we headed home!! Our school will be farrrrr away from each other next time. She will be at the west and I will be at the east... TOTALLY OPPOSITE SIDE HAHAHA!! Thank God we stay near each other so we can just meet up somewhere in between us ;) Good luck bby, I'm sure you'll get into the poly that you want! I love you!!! <3 Xoxo
Blood is thicker than water x

I miss my dearest boyfriend so much, I am always looking forward to the weekends cause I can finally be in his arms. See you soon baby!

I have been watching Fear Factor for the past 2 days and I finished two seasons. It is so gross but I can take it!!! If we ever have fear factor in Singapore, I think..... THINK, that maybe I will have the courage to join HAHAHA! Alright, that's all for today! Ending this post with a photo of Candice Swanepoel. She is drop dead gorgeous, down to earth & perfect. HELLO, biggest fan over here!!!!!! HAHAHAH. Good bye, will be back for update again!