Saturday, March 31, 2012

I’ve been giving up on people too easily. I need a break, from all the bullshits.

Hi guys! Here to update about my bkk trip 'cuz people have been asking for it so yar, let's begin :-)


Woke up early in the morning, and prepared, went to the airport earlier and to Terminal 1, mum and sis went to have their breakfast and i was busy texting bb. I AM SO DAMN SAD because bb couldn't make it to the airport........... 'cuz i have to check in early and by the time he come, he wouldn't make it and he's at his jurong house........... fuck my life seriously, i nearly teared and i was busy asking my mum to buy a card to text bb or call him so i won't cry or something but my mum said no 'cuz she knows that i don't have the time to call or text, bc i'll be busy walking and shopping but never mind, i got over it... 

Took a few pictures with my dearest sister but a whole bunch of pics have been deleted by my mum 'cuz she thinks that it's not nice... like WTF.

Momsie playing "Unblock Me". My sis is pro at this but w/e, i rock more hahaha.

texting boyfriend? :-)

Very long queue and it takes forever to get our bags and luggage to be checked in into the plane. -.-

so we went in to the terminal early to do some shopping, mum bought me eyeliner and perfume from Chloe, super love her. somemore, my mum changed S$1000 into dk how many billions of baht.

this iz cool

camwhored all the way on the plane but my sis was being a bitch, she wants to seat at the back so i had to seat with my aunt and her boyfriend, plus my aunt's camera shy.... people have been looking at me and maybe thinking that i'm mad or something hehe.

this was candid, the air stewardess turned when i took a pic of them walking lolsie

TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!! i read the magazine as i was bored of camwhoring myself. so yar, asked mum to order some snacks for me to eat and i ordered 2 cup noodles, curry with rice and chicken, beef and rice and sushi ^__^ was a happygirl97 on the plane. my mum deleted the photos of what i took, AGAIN!! shucks.

landed and welcome to Bangkok :-) 
reached bkk at 1!!!

and, queued for the passport control for about 2 hours till 3.15 and i can't believe that i could stand for so long and didn't get tired.

took a cab down to baiyoke sky hotek but couldn't get any rooms there so had to book rooms at baiyoke boutique, although it's not as good as the sky hotel but i'm still okay with it. LOVE THE BEDS THERE.

this girl in the blue shirt keep on look at me when we're at the front counter, i hate this man, am i too ugly or what?!

our key for the room!

my room :-)

so we headed to kc place for our late lunch/dinner and i was already drooling before i see the food, tempt y'all ;-)

stir fried chicken

idk what the hell is this but i hate sotong.

pad thai (thai hokkien mee)

fried rice crab

chicken wings (it's super nice!!!)

all of us walked to platinum mall as it is super near our hotel.

bought the stripe shirt in the picture at the bottom left hand side and bought pants for him too ^__^

 headed back to the hotel 'cuz the shopping mall closes at 8 (if i'm not wrong), bathed and i immediately sleep after i lie on the bed, opppps i'm a real pig.


went to kc place for breakfast at about 8, again and the food there was so awesome.

orange juice

american breakfast (2eggs, ham, sausage, toast)

saw lots of motorbikes there and took a picture of this hello kitty one!!!! the security guard there was very friendly and he allowed us to sit on it and take a picture hehe

they're having a motorbike race event and i saw two pretty ladies omgomgomg.

went to the toilet while waiting for the cab to arrive...

this are the two pretty thai ladies hahahaha guys, must maintain ok!!! ;-)

a cute horse mascot

took a photo with them and they were like "where are you from?" "oh i'm from singapore" and they smiled to me awwwww so pretty :-( (ignore my face yar)

cabbed down to chatuchak weekend market and let me tell you guys, the market is like 10 or more football fields big. you can't walk the whole market even you have the whole day to!!! 

headed to siamparagon to shop, all branded stuffs there.

so there was this big group of people walking outside siamparagon on the road, and i guess they're supporting some football team?

took this erm dk what it is called to their chinatown to buy goods (food and snacks) back home... but i suppose it is "tu tu che" in chinese..?

and then we tok the "tu tu che" again, back to the hotel.

and as usual, we went to kc place for dinner again ^_^
ordered fried rice, tomyam seafood soup, stir fried kale with oyster sauce and rice.

on our way to the massage centre after our dinner!!

saw sg's chef (forgot his name but he was once in the channel 8 show when he needs to go overseas and cook for others and stuffs) and his family, her daughter is god damn pretty and tall!!!

took a photo with this lady who helped me massage my foot and back x

headed back to the hotel and yep, camwhored with my sister, play around in the room and went to bathe!

DAY 3:

early in the morning, around 8, we headed to the pool for a swim and my aunt helped me with the photos, but there're lots of unglams so didn't post most of it up...

out of the pool at 10 and then went to bathe

my sis went to a sauna session herself and she was enjoying herself while i was bathing with the COLD WATER.

mum bought a little snack for us :-)

we sat the "tu tu che" again and headed to the temple to pray!

i look weird here yar?

momsie damn act cute hahahah

headed back to the hotel again at 11 to pack up 'cuz we need to check out at 12.
slacked in our room while aunt and her boyfriend went to platinum mall to shop again.

 momsie and sis loves my bed and they were like lying on my bed and saying that my bed is more comfy.

we left our luggage and bags in the hotel lobby as we're heading out for more shopping because our flight is only at about 8+.

cabbed down to bobae tower and didn't buy anything, everybody was very shocked. didn't even buy a thing because the things there are all for adults, not teenagers :-(

went back to the hotel again for more rest 'cuz me and my sis was complaining about the weather lol.
and we all headed to the airport at 5

my left eye abit weird, i never wear contacts but it looks like i do.

shopped around and again, all are branded stuffs and we only had our light dinner over at this small little cafe in the middle of the airport.

pretty air stewardess!!

went on the plane at 8.30 then i slept all the way on the plane, i was rolling into a ball and sleep and my neck hurts like a bitch, my mum and sis were lying on each other's legs (they took turn), haha super cute. my aunt and her boyfriend also sleep until very shiok lor, only left me, like some loner over there :-( dk how many times i cried during my sleep when i'm in the hotel, i really miss baby so so much but i'm glad to hear that he's having fun over here in singapore... :-)
the plane took off at about 9+ to 10.

*lights off* everyone goes to sleep.

reached singapore at about 12+ to 1 and i was already half dead, went to claim out luggage and took a cab back home...
the worst thing is, when i reached home, i still need to pack my things for the ncc camp next day. zzz my life is so fucked up but so happy that i didn't go for the first day!! sleeping on sleeping bag is so not good man.. :-( i hate camps... 

one last photo and a gif before all of you go.

this was taken when i went out with dorcas and linda, some photographer asked us to write 7th April on the board and he'll take a photo of us then post it on his website, it is called "StreetAngels".

Bye and have a good night. :-) xo