Saturday, April 25, 2015

Advert: Trioo Optical Eyewear (Belcher)

Hello everyone!

I'm back with another advert for Trioo again. This time round, they sponsored me 2 pairs of eyewear from their website. I'm here to show you guys the very first pair that I chose from them. Stay tune to the end of the post for more ;)

"See Your Passion" we want the world to pursue their passions, starts with health.

I absolutely love Trioo! No matter how I try to find the perfect eyewear for myself, I just can't seem to find the one that really suits me. Whenever I step into a optical eyewear shop, pick up the glasses that I really like but it just don't seem to suit/fit me well. 

But when Trioo asked me to choose a glasses from their website, I just took the risk and when I received it, the glasses worked it's magic and it looks perfectly fine on me. I think this is one of the best thing about Trioo, their glasses fits everyone with any type of face shape. Trust me on this because whenever I try Belcher(the name of my glasses) kind of glasses, it just don't fit me very well.

I chose Belcher in Black Marble from their Archipelago collection(check it out if you're interested) because I wanted to try out something new and different. I noticed that I don't suit this type of frames at all but I still gave it a go.
I love this pair of glasses, they give me a very 'teacher' vibe when I wear it, don't you think? It makes me look more studious too, from my point of view. Hahaha

Here's something about the Archipelago collection ($67) - they are high-quality acetate with vintage-inspired styles, glasses are named after different Archipelagos across the world. 
There are two other collection:
3U collection ($47) - made from Ultem-resin which is a material that is ultra-light, durable & flexible. Sporty frames.
Prestige collection ($97) - made from high quality materials such as titanium and carbon fiber, professional elegant style.

This month, they released a new summer 2015 editions, 20 new pairs that is already up on their website. They will also be releasing a brand new sunglasses collection - all polarized (starting with 35 pairs of sunglasses). So go to now and check out all the new pairs of glasses.

Trioo is having a Spring Sale at 30% off all Archipelago glasses from April 13 to April 30. They also have 8 new frames for that collection to shop away.
They have free shipping to Singapore(what is better than free shipping omg?!?!)

Remember to also quote "VANESSAFORTRIOO" for 15% off.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Cruising, Catching Up, Sleepover!

Hello everyone. Back for another update! Have been so busy with school. My group's assignment 3 is this Wednesday, hope that all goes well man! I'm editing another video for my YouTube channel that me and Jeslin recorded 6weeks ago omg. I'm so sorry for being so lazy and not editing. Anyway, for those who haven't check out my vlog at USS, here's the link: Going for a dinner tomorrow to celebrate my grandfather's birthday hahaha. Alright, shall continue with this super overdue update. 
Top from @itsooofluffy_lj.
Tote bag from @shopjujubears.


Skort from @bangmeowszx

Met up with Joey super early to surprise Jeslin for her birthday. We wanted to surprise her at 12am but Joey said that she definitely know so we ended up surprising her in the middle of the day.
We went up and down everywhere in Singapore to find the longboard that she wanted but none of the shop sells the model anymore. So we got her another design, so glad that she loved it. We were rushing to print the photos because we spent so much time looking for the longboard...

I asked Jeslin to meet me at bugis+ rooftop because "I wanted to take ootd" hahaha. I went to put down everything first while Joey went to buy cake. When Jeslin came out of the lift, she was wearing shades and she got her earpiece on, was about to sing her the happy bday song but she walked right pass us HAHAHAH SHE DIDN'T SEE US OMG. BEST! I still have the video that I took hahaha can't stop laughing.

After that, we rushed to Bugis Junction for our movie, Tracers(we bought the tickets in the morning hahaha), it was such a shitty movie :(

Took our ootd after the movie.
She had so many things to carry so we decided to send her back home. And I went to Joey's house to eat steamboat.


Witching Hour Mesh Top sponsored by @shopshm.

Cruising with Jeslin, Shaozheng and Yita
Fell down twice HAHAHA totally not my day man.

Headed to Yita's house for dinner & we gambled
Had a good laugh omg. THEY BET $100 OMG but in the end they won back their money and so did we. I'm too lazy to elaborate what happened, hahaha but everything that happened when we gambled was HILARIOUS!!!

Thank you all for such an amazing day <3


Top from @bangmeowszx <3

Gambled at Gracia's house with Jobie, Michael and Faiz.


Bralet from @bangmeowszx

Vietnam food with the boyfriend.


 Jobie had a room at mbs and we went there to accompany her. Hahaha ended up staying over with her.
Top from @shopohmyoreo.

Headed to Satay By The Bay to eat dinner and we saw this two super cute chow chow omg!

Went for a night swim after that.
 We didn't walk around mbs because we were all tired + Jobie's grandparents was there too so we didn't want to disturb them.

The next morning - (Update: The first few photos are not in order... Sigh)
Omg look at that huge bruise HAHAHAHA it's there because I fell down on the day that I went cruising.


Jobie went home with her grandparents. We wanted to go home but we decided to get gongcha and go to bath & body works hahaha.
Tumbler sponsored by @bluerosesshopaholic.

Was suppose to play paintball but it got cancelled due to the rain :(
 Leather tote sponsored by @lemyco.


Lip tattoo sponsored by @blogshop_queenie.

Denim top sponsored by @sxrstyles.

Top - @sxrstyles
Bottom - @mdscollections

Stripe crop top sponsored by @kittyondeck.


Dual Front Bustier sponsored by @mdscollections.
Kandice wedges from @kittyondeck.

Wearing romper from @bangmeowszx.

A day out with my bby Cass, hahaha last minute decision to go to SAM!! Finally met up with her after 34324524654 years hahaha it was great catching up with her <3


Wearing romper from @mdscollections.

Went to blogshop festival with this girl. If you ever see me anywhere just say hi!!! Don't be shy hahaha. Shoutout to the girls who asked for a photo!! :)

Had a early morning shoot with bangmeowszx. The sun was scorching hot omg!!!! I'll show you some of the photos that I love from their collection :)

 Went to meet Trex after my shoot and we just walked around & shopped.
Went home to pack my stuff and went over to my boyfriend's house for sleepoverrrrr! <3

Pleated maxi skirt sponsored by @bangmeowszx. (Took this home after the shoot hehehe)

Boyfriend's face so sian hahahaha.
That's all for today you all. Thank you so much for reading or should I say scrolling hahaha so sorry that I didn't really say anything on this post. I'm trying my best to update all the overdue pictures ASAP!!! So nervous for this Wednesday's assignment omg. Hope that our rehearsals paid off...

Stay tune to a new blogpost soon. Can't wait to upload my video too hehehe.