Sunday, December 29, 2013


2013 have been a great one, it has also been one hell of a ride because of my n level exam! There were so many ups and downs, we all have grown so much and became mature from what we've been through during the year 2013. All of us met new people, get into fights, had the craziest moments and there are so many more things on the list!

I am very grateful to have such great friends and family by my side. They stick with me through thick and thin, supported me in whatever that I do... And there are also the friends who act like they care about you but the truth is that they're doing & saying nasty things behind your back, which all of us should just forget about them, let them be where they belong(behind our back) and carry on with our life.

Well, no matter what happened, 2013 is coming to an end and we'll say hello to 2014! Wow! Time passed by so fast. Just a few months back, I was still stressing about my papers & results, and now? I'm living my life. BUT! One thing for sure that everyone is not looking forward to is... School's re-opening in just a few days time! And we'll all be back to the Monday Blues feeling, hoping that we could get more sleep instead of preparing/rushing to school.

2013 is by far the best year for me because 1) Damien and my r/s has been better than ever, we learned to completely trust and understand each other more & we can joke around and enjoy the time that we have with each other than quarreling & fighting most of the time. 2) I have the best friends ever, who are constantly supporting & encouraging me to do the things that I want, who was there for me no matter what happened and listened to whatever shitty rants that I have to talk about. I cannot ask for more, I love each and everyone of them so much! 3) So many things happened, well most of them are good, but some are bad, which made me learn and grow from it. Really glad that I made the right decisions and listened to some of my friend's advices. 

Damn! I really don't want 2013 to come to an end. Really hope that 2014 will be a great one too, it better not be handful of problems man! HAHAHA


Alright, should just get right to the point! Here are some of the highlights in 2013!!

1) Meeting my fav YouTubers
I wanna thank Gabriel for making all this happened to us, thanks to him, we are able to get into the hotel and see the other fans waiting in downstairs in that small area. On May 23rd, me, Joey, Jeslin, Shaozheng and Rachael went to stalk at Marina Bay Sands Hotel! And because there were too many people, the security there didn't allow all of us to go up so Gabriel's father & brother came down to reason with them and even spoke to the manager.

We all felt so bad omg, but in the end we still got in after we went to the check in counter to get something. I think they didn't allow us to go up cause they knew that we came to stalk/something HAHAHA. But all of us felt really very bad when we had to trouble Gab's dad and bro :(((

We went to check the place around for a little while and also went to the gym, little did we know that Ryan Higa was at the gym!!!!! At first I didn't know cause I couldn't really see clearly. But we didn't dare to disturb his gym sesh cause he is in the midst of working out, the people working out next to him went to take a picture with him so we all guess that it is alright to go and take a picture with him. I think he tweeted about us though, my respect for him gone down a lot cause it was kinda rude, like I admit that we were rude to disturb him but he didn't need to make a big fuss out of a small thing. Whateverrrrrrrrr, moving on!

We met Marquese Scott when he was coming into the lift, then we figured out to stay on the floor that he was in cause he kept insisting that we should take pictures inside the lift instead of going outside. Hehehe and also, thanks to him, we were able to meet the rest of the YouTuber ahhhhhhhh!!!

Pewds & Marzia <3 They were both very shy!! But they also talked to us for abit, thank God we went up earlier, if not we won't be seeing them anymore cause when we saw them, they already packed up and was ready to head to the airport!

Met David Choi, Andrew Garcia & Wesley too! They were all very friendly to us, actually, they were the friendliest among all the people that we've bump into! WE WERE DAMN LUCKY LAH!!!

We also met other YouTubers from WahBanana, JinnyBoyTV!! This guy from Tummy Talk also gave us tickets to the social live concert(is that what I call it? I forgot hahaha), he and his friends didn't want to go so yay we got it! We went there just to see Cary Rae Jepsen actually. We were sad that we weren't able to watch Cee Lo Green live cause his performance is last and it was getting late :(((

2) Meeting Bethany!
I met Bethany during September! Couldn't get to take a picture with her at her meet and greet but I was suppose to go stalking the next day with Joey but she woke up late so in the end I went on my own and saw some IJ girls so I joined them to stalk as well! She was in a rush so I just snapped a pic, get her signature and talked to her for abit. Later in the day, I went to the airport again to meet my dearest Cupcake and her friend, Trix also joined us after her school ended. And this time, Joey made it in time to see her hahaha. LIKE FINALLY!

So we took videos and pictures of her and with her, Joey wanted to take a video for her sister but her phone was too lag so I quickly take a video, asked Bethany to say hello to her sister again and I saved Joey's life HAHAHA nah just kidding!

3) My 16th birthday

It was just like any other normal day but I really wanna thank Cass, Jes and Trex for spending their day with me during my birthday, they didn't do much but it's the thought that counts, love you girls so much <3

With my baby boo later in the night cause he wanted to bring me out for dinner! <3


Pictures that I took over the year...

Shaozheng's birthday 

Friends for 9 years and counting HAHAHA

Joey's surprise birthday celebration


NCC Annual Camp

Nicholas's birthday chalet

My boy's birthday chalet

 USS with love <3

With my aunts <3

YouTube: Under The Stars Concert
 Racial Harmony Day

USS with Sijie, Jordan and Nicholas

F1 Concert

USS Halloween Night <3

My birthday

With my girlfriend, Cassandra <3

 Alright, that's all for now! Wishing all of you a Happy New Year in advance. Here's to a better 2014 :-) I love all of you.