Friday, January 31, 2014


Hi people! Back for an update on day 2, in case if you haven't read day 1, here you go:

I woke up at 7 in the freaking morning, I don't even know why I woke up so early omg I am insane! Sooo we had bread & milk for breakfast then we headed to Ocean Park!

Really hate my morning face :(

And yay we finally reached!!! One thing I learned about in hk is that the people here are more kan cheong/kiasu x100. And the kids there are super rude too cause they just push you away instead of saying "excuse me" or something, and stare at you like nobody's business. 

We headed to 'The Grand Aquariam' first, I'll just let the pictures do the talking ;)

I love this woman hehehe love you mummy <3

Took a train and headed to Thrill Mountain!

First stop: 'The Flash'. This is the best ride of Thrill Mountain man! I love it a lot and I can see the amazing view which sadly cannot be captured with my camera :( hmm should I get a go pro hero 3??? HAHAHA (oh, and we separated into 2 groups to go on diff rides)

Second stop: 'Whirly Bird'. This ride is not very thrilling but it was super shiok cause of the wind!! The moment when it reached the top, wow, it was breathtaking... And I am always scared that my boots might fall off or something hahaha

The challenge zone!!


The ride was awesome omgggg way better than sg's uss cylon & human roller coaster. It felt like as if I was gonna fall out of the seat anytime. 
HAHAHA the unglam pic taken on the roller coaster ride is damn funny cause of my relative's face, damn funny lah cause they closed their eyes throughout the whole entire ride.

Settled down to eat hehehehe

We decided to go Ocean Theatre to watch this dolphin show which starts at 3:30pm and I was suffering under the scorching sun for about 10mins, I couldn't take it so I went to the shade and enjoyed the fan.

Don't mind me with my hoodie okay hahahaha it was damn sunny!!

And the show finally started after that longgggggg wait.


The show ended and we walked to Marine World to take more rides!! And I got on the 'Crazy Galleon', it wasn't that fun cause I was not sitting at the end & someone vomited after the ride was over omg so disgusting!!!

Our next stop: 'The Dragon'. The whole ride was boring except for the loop part!! :/

Took this with my phone heheh

AHHHHH OMG, 'The Abyss'. I wasn't that scared UNTIL I SAT ON THE SEAT. When it got to the top and it stopped for awhile, I was prepared for the thing to go down but the very first second when it went down, it felt like my heart almost jumped out of my body, not kidding!!! It was only scary for the first 5 seconds but after that I felt okay.

We didn't got on the 'Eagle' ride but I got ice cream and it felt so good after going on all the thrilling rides HAHAHA

 We got mac and settled down to eat.

Walked back to Thrill Mountain and we got on the 'Arctic Blast' ride.

'Rev Booster', this ride moves damnnnnnn fast and I got squashed by my relative's friend HAHAHA I was laughing all the way on that ride and my head was tilting to the left and I look like a retard.
 I think the Rev Booster ride was too fast and I was damn giddy until I forgot to take my bag. Asked the staff to take it for me but they want everyone to take their bags first then they'll pass me my bag just in case if I just anyhow grab someone's bag... So mafan but it was my fault for forgetting to take my bag!

Got on 'The Flash' myself cause everyone was too tired to take another ride. It wasn't that scary this time and I felt damn free, swinging 180 degrees HAHAHA. Don't know if you can see me but you can see me sitting alone at the right!

Went to watch the fountain show at Aqua City Lagoon and it was amaze balls, will post up the vid soon ;)

Went back to the hotel to put our things down and we headed out for dinner, we sat at separate tables cause there wasn't enough space for 12 people...

That's all for today! HAHAHA I'm whatsapp-ing my sis and annoying the shit out of her!! I should head to bed now cause I have to wake up at 7am later on :((( Good night everyone!! Happy Chinese New Year, gong xi fa cai!! :)