Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy mother's day. hehe

Happy mother's day to all the mothers around the world. Especially my mom. (; She's always been there for me. Always nagging me for my own good, althou i find it irritating. haha. But she's the best no matter what, her cuteness; srsly make me laugh like mad. ha ha ha. No matter what, mummy, i'll always love you, althou your getting older, and your hair is slowly going white/grey, but i'll still be by your side and it's my turn to raise you up that time. Althou i still have my own family by that time, i'll still not forget your kindness of taking care and raising me up. MUMMYYYYYYYYYY, ILOVEYOUOKAY! HEHEHE.

Well, a post for my dearest baby too ♥
Hehehe sillybum ♥ here's a post dedicated to you okay. ♥ All this times when i'm with you, never even forget all those memories that i'd spent with you. Althou time with you everyday isn't that long, but still, imma gonna remember every small lil' things about what we've done okay! ♥ hehe. How i wish i met you earlier ♥.♥ hehe. Well, today can't meet you. SHAG, my day was fuckedup !@#$%^&*(&^%$#$%^&*^%$# cause i'm sick, and i have to stay at home. But what about you? (: Had fun? or your day suck like mine? ♥ hehe, remember our promise to each other ya! hahaha. love you forever la ♥ why are you always so sweet hur?!?!!? Remember that i'll always be by your side. I'll never leave when you need me♥ Baby, iloveyou ♥ i really wanna marry you and spent all my time with you. I'll cherish the times when we're tgt. ♥ and always love you till the very end even if i die. in fact, we will chang ming bai sui ley! ♥ hehe our love always grow stronger each day ♥ LOVEYOULA ♥ hehe, well, just a very short post to you, will come up with more tmrw la okay! I promise you ^^ teehee. xoxo!♥ After what we've all been thru, really make me learn a whole lot of things from you hehe, i love you with all my heart baby. Your my husband hehe. LOVEYOULA OKAY! xoxo!♥

Okay, will update tmrw (;