Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hello everyone!!! How was your day/day at school today? Mine was tiring. HAHAHA I shall explain later in the post! 

Met Jeslin for early dinner yesterday and we went to simlim for camera hunting cause she wanted to get a new camera! I'm so mad at myself because I should just went to simlim to get my new camera instead of courts, argh don't wanna talk about it!!!

We skyped when we got home and we talked about all the camera shops that we went to. One of the shop sell us the camera at a freaking cheap price okay, but it was too good to be true so we're kinda scared that something bad will happen so I don't think we will go back to that shop!!

Jes: Do you want VS angel's body?
Me: Of course, who doesn't
Jes: Wait ah, don't move, yes put your head there.
Me: *stays still*

HAHAHA I know, we're damn ridiculous but whatever!!! #dontjudge

Today, I accompanied my mom to the dentist to change the colour of her braces. Then we walked around novena and I helped her to get an outfit for her dinner. Feels good to spend some time with my mom alone. BUT DAMN TIRING LAH HAHAHA cause of all the walking. Settled down at Quiznos cause I was freaking hungry!

Then we headed home and went to the ntuc, argh I have this love-hate relationship with grocery shopping because I enjoy it but carrying all the things back home is a chore man!!! 

Here's my outfit for today!
Top - shopatsaycheese
Bottom - Montifs
Bag - shopkysse

Absolutely hate it when my camera don't focus properly :(((

That's all for now! I am dreading school for like a 100%!!! I don't wanna go to school :( see you all soon!!