Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello everyone! Wanted to just do a short post before I get on the plane tomorrow. Met up with my boyfriend today and we had dinner at nex hehehe. We also watched The Legend of Hercules, the movie is not that bad hehe. Alright, I shall just let the pictures do the talking and I'll head to bed for a 2 hours sleep!!

I will miss you :'(


GIRLS, don't leave yet!!!! Umikate is a newly set up company and you definitely want to read on!

Do you always take good ootds? Or that you have good fashion sense? Now you can actually join in this competition to win yourself a sum of money ;)

How to join this contest? :)

1. Take your BEST #ootd picture, and send it to with a caption of why you want to/deserve to win & where you got your outfit from(online or from stores)! Umikate(umikate_sg) will be posting up your picture on their Instagram account within the next 24 houts! Just this few simple steps to get into the contest. So easy, isn't it?

2. Like Umikate's facebook page and follow them on Instagram @umikate_sg!

Once you're done with step number 2, simply take a screen shot and also send it to umikate! Cause you need to claim your price if you're that lucky winner! ;) The few lucky girls out there will be winning $500, $100 & $50 cash and/or also a $40 worth of sponsorship from!! Ask your friends to follow Umikate on Instagram and get them to like your ootd post on their instagram profile because the post with the most number of likes, wins the grand prize!!

Quickly join the contest now and follow the instructions above! The contest will end on the 10th February, 11:59PM and winners will be announced on the 11th February, 12NOON!

All the best for the contest, good luck and win yourself that prize ;)))