Friday, January 17, 2014


Everything is good so far. Well, I already told you all that I went to the wrong class on the first day, and another girl went to the wrong class too! Wrote a letter to see if the course manager is able to swap us or not hahaha but I am completely fine with both classes. The people in my course are all very friendly and nice! On the first day, everything just clicked and everyone can just get along very very well!!! HAHAHA alright, I have to head to bed soon cause I am superrrrrr tired so I'm gonna rush this post!!


15/01 - Wednesday
Joyce, Eunice, Danish and me joined the telematch to cheer and play games to compete with other schools! I didn't really shout during the first day cause I wanted to save my voice for the next day... So just a few pics that we took. Didn't put all the pics up cause I'm not too sure if Joyce and Danish is okay with me posting their unglam pictures :p

This is Eunice!!

Our BLs teaching us all the cheers


16/01 - Thursday
So the telematch was on the 16th and we were super hyped that we cheered together with the School of Engineering. "BROTHERS MAN!!!". We got 2nd for the games but after the cheer, we got 3rd, it is kinda sad but I'm still very happy and proud of EIT! Awesome bunch of people who joined the telematch :))) The most important thing is that we had fun with one another.


So later in the evening, I went to meet Jeslin, Trex, HengWei and Bryan for dinner at bugis+, and we had Ramen!!!

I was sticking out my tongue in this pic HAHAHA

After Trex, Hengwei and Bryan left, Jes help me to take my ootd HAHAHAH she spammed lots of photo eh!

17/01 - Which is today!!
In the morning, we had a "get-to-know-each-other" session with our CAs then we headed to the auditorium for some talk!

 Went out of the Auditorium to chat with Sijie, Syafiq and Tingtat for a little while HAHAH then went back in again! After school, went for lunch at this restaurant with my classmates and they spammed photos on my phone :(((

I had Fish & Chip, it's not bad lah but the coleslaw is super sour!!

Ending this post with a ss of what love sent me! Love him to the moon and back. Gonna hold on tight to him and never let him go <3 HAHAHA alright, I'll see you guys soon again. Sorry for not updating for 2 days, cause I was super tired after school & was too damn lazy to on my laptop! Good bye.