Saturday, March 26, 2011

I miss missing you ♥

Hey loved ones ♥ Life's been great now, as i have my dearest babylim with me ♥ He's just cute max okay ♥
Alright, what should i update about first? :) HMMM.... MMMMMMMMM...

My arm muscle, cool bo? :)

This was epic, my big & fat fingers! hahaha ♥

Liuchang! ♥ My ex-laogong ;D


Shaozheng doing yixuan's common pose -.- Also do wrong liao!

Well, nothing much yeah. Was at school, @imac lab with my class. Playing with the photo booth. Was... SUPER CRAZY. hahaha. Laugh till stomach damn pain le siak. haha, had a great fun, and sang 'happy birthday' song to Danish as his birthday is on that day. :D


Went to imac lab again! haha, pictures all @ facebook, go check it out. ;D


Baby's awesome face ♥


Baby doing my pose. haha, sibei cute ah! ♥ Love him ttm! ♥

Baby damn cute la, his smile makes me super happy :D

The soup of the day ♥ Very naise! ^.^

My strawberries & cream ♥ AWESOME MAX. LOVEIT.

Baby and my chocolate cake. Was quite nice, but abit weird... :PP

♥♥♥♥♥ love it, ate alittle and the rest go to babylim ♥ haha, baby even help me cut ley, ji sweet! ♥

Baby's mum & aunt. Left:Baby's Aunt, Right:Baby's mum.

Okay, baby's mum & aunt said that baby ruin this picture . hhahaha.

Queenstown(Queensway shopping mall) > Orchard > NEX > Clarke Quay > Dallas restaurant > Central > Homesweethome.

Had great fun with baby in the afternoon. :D
Well, went Queensway shopping mall to find baby's New Era hat, but can't find it. He was pissed, then went orchard, almost ran the whole orchard's shopping mall, LOL. While looking for his hat, saw a pink lomo camera; damn fucking chio ♥ Then saw a bling bling iPone 3G/3GS cover, it's in pink also, fucking chio ♥ I was like looking at it, baby give me that "i know it" face. And i think what he's gonna do. ha ha ha. Well, can't find his New Era hat, then went fareast. Bought a british snack, and baby was talking about my sister's allergy to cheese, and i was laughing ♥ He'e just too cute la! haha, disiao me with the "nom nom nom" also! So yeah, went to NEX and meet others~ While watching baby play maxtune, Saw Bonnie, Febelle & Senedo there, haha, Bonnie was like wave to me so happily, cute junior of mine, they went lan, and baby & me and the rest, went leisure. HAHA. While in the MRT, yita all the way disiao me till i was gonna go mad. I was like almost chasing him around in the MRT, but babylim stop me from chasing/hitting him. So while they maxtune, i played mariokart, i won okay, pro ma? :PP,JOKING. So whined to baby say that i wanna play one round maxtune, vs ruijie, and i won. Not bad horh? :D ttho was super happy with me & proud at me luh. 'cuz my awesomeness pawned ruijie's maxtune skills ;D Plus i first time play ley. haha, k la, enough of "bhb-ing". Watched baby played maxtune all the way, like about 6+, we went clarke quay to meet baby's mum & aunt. that was what i was talking about past few days with baby. ♥ haha. Well, went to this restaurant called "Dallas", I rate it 4/5. :D Baby disiao-ed me all the way while walking & her aunt was like finding where's the restaurant.

Yeap, so we found the restaurant/ pub?, and then we went up to have our dinner. ♥ Had my Strawberries & cream ♥ and a dinner set, same as baby, while baby's mum & aunt had pasta. ♥ Pictures are up there okay :D Well, after dinner, went central awhile, then headed home. :)
PS:// The photo all abit messed up uh. Plus, i lazy go re-arrange :PP. haha, ciao, bye loved ones ♥♥♥ xoxo, Vanessa. ♥

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Girlfriends are the best, I love my cliques! ♥

Well, 15march; it's all i wanna talk about. :) Take a peek at the pictures ! :D

haha, yeah, went liyi house and then went vivo for her dog de things, then after that went back to her house aftermath. Went to boonkeng mac and meet my both dearest darlings, constance and mavis!!! :D Then, something happened, but hard to explain! hahaha. laugh like mad girls over there. Camwhored and play around. Went home about 6 as mavis and constance have to go early... Well, nothing much to update anymore now. BYESXZC! xoxo, VanessaTeo. :)