Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hello!! Finally met up with my fav person in this whole universe on Sunday. I missed him so much, oh my God! Cause we're in different schools now that's why we can't meet that often anymore. I keep receiving text from him about how much he missed me & stuff! Can't wait for the weekends again man! I will let the pictures do the talking.

My sexy beast <3

HAHAHA really want that pimple on my face to disappear right now!

And we watched Bad Grandpa! HAHAHA it's damn funny omg! You guys should go and watch it :)

The person spelled his name wrongly HAHAHA the e and a should swap!!!

Him: We walk on this, see who fall first
Me: Okay wait, let me take a pic, don't walk too fast!!
Him: Later you drop your camera, be careful ah
It felt so good to have the heart to heart talk with him, really needed it! Love you lah!!!


So in the evening I went to meet Jeslin for dinner at Ajisen Ramen.

 After we had our dinner, we also sat down and talk about the past and about our ex & crush/eye candy. We both are the only ones who know each other's deepest and most embarrassing secrets HAHAHA!! This pretty much sums up my Sunday.

This is just a short update, am rushing through this post so that I can hit the sack right now, have to wake up super early tomorrow. Good night! :-)