Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hello everyone!! Have been busy doing some last minute packing and I am finally done. Will be flying off on Thursday, 6AM! I thought I heard my mom saying that we'll be flying off at 6PM but I heard wrongly HAHAHA I hope I remembered to bring everything that I need for that one week! Alright, this will just be another short update again. Sorry that I haven't been doing proper updates because I'm way too busy with school.

All the pictures only got half of my face HAHA

My face look cui here hahaha
Glad that my teachers and classmates are willing to help me to catch up on what I've missed out when I am back in Singapore. Anyway, I dropped my phone today and guess what, it's spoiled now. I was so fucking sad cause I am someone who CANNOT survive without my phone, it is the most important thing in my life!! (I'm pretty sure that everyone can't live without their phone) Thank God that my boyfriend has an extra s3 to lend me so that I can whatsapp him & my friends when I am in Hong Kong! R.I.P to my iPhone 4S. You will be missed :( Told my mom about my phone and she laughed at me :( WALAO SHE'S SO MEAN LAH. Will be back tomorrow for an update. Xoxo