Sunday, January 5, 2014


It was Trexie's birthday on the 3rd, and on that day we decided to throw her a surprise birthday dinner. Met Jeslin at city hall and we went to collect the cake. Joey reached, when she saw us she said "it's been so long since I last saw you, last year sia" HAHAHA. Went to Cotton On Body and got her panties hahaha! So, we met up with Bryan too, he was outside Astons already. I feel like all the staff at Astons were really pissed at us hahaha. Shortly after we settled down, Songye came. Then finally, the birthday girl and Hengwei reached!

Sang the birthday song to her, wait, we didn't sing we shouted HAHAHA and she look super happy! The birthday cake taste super good but SINFUL LAH :(((

Walked to Cathay after we left Astons. When we left, all the staff like damn happy sia! Wanted to watch a movie but all the timing was too late so in the end we decided not to.

So freaking difficult to get the guys to take a picture with us HAHAHA


Yup, this sums up my Friday with them. Happy belated birthday Trexie!! Hope you enjoyed your day and liked your presents ;) I love you bitch <3


The next day, finally met my dear boy, we didn't celebrate our anni together cause he was too busy :( 

Absolutely LOVE the soup spoon!!

Saw this pink stage and I was so happy cause I thought it was some fashion show but in the end it's some bridal event HAHAHA

Headed to Jurong Point after our meal then I went to buy my camera, I love it so much omg! Don't know if I should sell away my Nikon V1, hmm should I???
Outfit for the day! Top sponsored by ellysage

Will be back with another post soon! Need to really get some sleep now, gotta adjust my body clock. It's Monday tomorrow, have fun in school everybody!! :) Good night!