Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hello everyone! This post is suppose to be up by yesterday but.... the photos couldn't be uploaded on blogger, I got so frustrated that I just went to sleep. It's almost 12pm now and I am heading out soon! So everybody have been talking about Stephanie's why am I not proud to be a singaporean video, blah blah blah... Was talking to jes about it yesterday cause I watched her vid few days back, and I kinda agree to what she said eh, oh whatever!  
Went to collect my parcel at the post office yesterday morning and I think that the guy at the counter wanted to strangle me or something HAHAHA. Once I got home, I watched YouTube videos before I meet jes at around 5+!

Got this from kittyondeck! Hehe love it so much!!

I quickly rushed out of the house cause I didn't know that it was already so late. And as usual, I'm late to meet Jes, I'm so sorry bby for always being late!!! :( We decided to cycle for 1 hour only HAHAH my thighs were damn sore when I just started cycling for 5 freaking minutes. Oh God, my legs are so weak now HAHAHA

We settled down at some place to take pictures hehe

Then we cycled back to Bedok Jetty to take more pics cause the lighting there is nice! 

LOL the boys in the background were smoking and jumping down into the sea from the railing....

HAHAHAH and we were doing retarded things

And guess what, the basket that we used has a number 3 on it, both Jes and my fav number HEHEHE

#thatthighgapthough HAHAHAH

I love you bbygirl <3

Look at jes HAHAHA smiling in the background!

We didn't return the bikes on time, we were super late but the guy was super nice and kind and told us that we didn't have to pay!!

Opening the present that Effie got me from her Bangkok trip!! Effie, if you're reading this, thank you so much, I love it!!!! <3 HEHE

Had our dinner at Ajisen Ramen, we wanted to eat at Jack's Place but we were too lazy to wait HAHAH

HAHAHA she asked me lots of retarded questions! Love this girl lah, forever bringing joy to my life! This sums up my day with her hehehe see you soon again jes, enjoy your day out today ah ;))) <3

Alright, goodbye! I'll try to update tonight again :)



Just a short rant...
I'm so frustrated. Everything is back to square one again. It sucks that you can't even trust me 101% after such a long time. I don't see a problem with that because I trust you, with all my heart! All the things that you say, the things that you do, hurts me, A LOT. You think that I am happy like this? No. It sucks, being the one who is always giving in and it really sucks when you think that everything you do or say doesn't hurt me at all. I want to be happy, that's all I am asking for. 
Try being in my shoe. How will you feel? WHY CAN'T YOU FUCKING TRUST ME?! I didn't do anything wrong at all, wait, I didn't do anything AT ALL. So can you just calm your tits and not hurt me again? Even when I tell you how I feel, you just completely ignore me. You better not regret when I start to not care and give up on everything or even trying to make everything right. I hope everything will be back to normal soon. I really hate this feeling...