Friday, January 24, 2014


Hello! Was actually very lazy to blog today cause I really wanted to just lie down on my bed and chill for the night but I will just do a short update for you guys. Can't wait for my Hong Kong trip on the 30th!! Looking forward to spend some time with my family hehe but sadly, my sister is not going on this family vacation cause she wants to study, that crazy sister of mine. Alright, just gonna let the pictures do the talking :)

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Lunch with my classmates @ Changi Airport Terminal 3, Pastamania.

Then we slacked for awhile!

 Went back to school and we headed to the shooting gallery! Although it is kinda boring but we sure learned some things :)


After everything ended, I went to meet Jes, Joey and Trex at bugis <3

Then we headed to LAN cause Jes wanted to play one round of LoL hahaha and my bf was there too with the guys.

 Walked around OG, and we played monkey with this elephant stuffed toy. The staff walked towards us and we acted like as if nothing happened HAHAHA. We continued to walk around bugis and linked our hands together in a row! Joey said that we are bitches for blocking people's way.

That's all for today, gonna head to bed soon! I will be back with another update tomorrow, a proper update.