Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve!

Hey guys! So today's the last day of 2011 and that means.....
I think all of you will be either at the Countdown party at Sentosa or anywhere else with your friends and loved ones. But have fun, all of you. Sure you don't want to waste your last day of 2011 at home. :) Well some things happened and I got real fucking sad and paranoid, again... I don't know why but bad things just keep repeating on my mind and I can't get it OUT OF MY HEAD.... So... I'm gonna rant over here... But first of all, gonna talk about what I'm going to do today....

Meh~ I am sure that I'm happy when taking this picture.
So today's plan have been ruined over some stupid things and I don't wanna talk about it. Worsen my mood and I really want to meet my boy and spend my day with him today... Zzz! So I think I'll be spending my time with the girls? Or maybe not? I just don't want to stay at home that's all. Because I'll be staying at home from tomorrow till school re-opens. Talking about school, got promoted to 3N1, not very happy though. Got in same class with the Sec3(2011) retainers. So not in the mood to even go to school or study please. I just want to die right now!!!!!!!!!!! Someone kill me please

You were given this life because you’re strong enough to live it. Remember that.

What else worsen my mood? Hmmm yup, music/songs. Damn, keep on repeating Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone.....
Maybe I'm just being too paranoid and just jealous. I have to admit, I'm afraid of losing you. Although you promised me a whole lot of things, but promises are meant to be broken. Maybe I'm the one who always set my hopes high and cry like a baby. But after all, I love you and I really can't lose you, you're just like the other half of my life; supporting me.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm wasting all my time waiting for my life to really start. I'd rather trip and fall than never try. I don't want to waste another day while the world goes by, like seriously. I don't want to live in the dreadful past. But I just wanna be a happy girl everyday. :'( Is that so hard!? Never mind... Life still goes on no matter how you're doing on yourself.

Sometimes, my heart needs a long restart to realize how it feels to be off my sleeve and back in my own chest. Because I can't seem to really feel a thing right now.... Even if anyone pinch my hand, I can't feel a thing too.  When I feel like giving up, I always just remember why I held on so long in the first place. And try  to hang on there still. 

Even when I don't think I did anything wrong, I'm always the first to apologize, for nothing. I worry that someday I'll end up allowing people to walk all over me like they are not at fault. I'm strong but I will still break. I'm stubborn, yeah, and I make plenty of mistakes! But who doesn't make mistakes? In the end, I'll still have to apologize for other's wrong doings. Sigh, when will this torture end!?

Which is worse? New wounds, which are so horribly painful, or old wounds that should've healed years ago, but never did? It's like each time I got hurt, I became even stronger, than what I thought. Maybe at first I'm like some weaklings.... But why? Why am I always the one getting hurt? Maybe... Our old wounds teach us something. They remind us where we've been, and what we've overcome. They teach us lessons about what to avoid in the suture. That's what we like to think, but it's not always the way it is. Some things, we just have to learn over and over and over again, so that we can really understand why life is like this.

This is my shag face, say hi!

 I've been also thinking... Why don't relationship lasts? Why do people love to judge when their own self are not perfect too? Why does this society need to be so cruel? Why do we need to study? Why do we need to get hurt all over again and again? Why do we always have to suffer the pain then learn the lesson? Why why why? Just tired of this society. Why can't everyone be friendly to each other? Why will we get jealous? Why will there be quarrels/fights....?

I miss how you act like you never gave a shit, but you always care about me. I miss the way you would be such a dick, but you were somehow always there. I miss how we talked, for hours on end, but most of all, more than anything, I miss being with you, I miss everything about us, I miss your hugs and everything. I miss everything about you that I can't lose you. You're the best, the only one who will always be there for me...

So I'll stop all the rants and hmmm either meet Liyi or slack around my house area. Ok byebye, will update tomorrow or by next week :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.

Hey guys!
I'm back from Christmas celebration, I had real lots of fun with baby and ma' family...
So I shall do all the talks and pictures now hahaha, don't wanna be dilly dally here.

Yesterday went to meet my mum at bugis, was suppose to go out with my family but someone caught up with something and the whole outing thing cancelled... Meh~ Made me go all the way to Bugis, and I'm fucking lazy one okay. Hahaha

Tempt all of you with food hahaha



After our dinner, we went to shop.
And for the VERY first time, I didn't buy anything when shopping.... Well, a few things caught my eyes but my mum was saying that it doesn't suit me and stuffs and I got real frustrated!

My mum wanted to buy her foundation from Dior so took a few pictures...

That's all for Christmas Eve, didn't really stayed very long at Bugis because I hate the crowd... Let's move on to Christmas :)

Around 11.40+ I left the house, went to 7eleven and buy GS for my dearest baby and head off to Jurong to find baby, it was a fucking long mrt ride, baby was really lucky because there were not much people at that time so I didn't need to rant when I reach his house. So I reached his house at about 12.30? The worst part is that, baby is still sleeping. 
At least I called him and he could get up and open the door for me. This boy here damn lazy one lazy I will elaborate...

So I said hi to his mum and dad and yes, he's still sleeping and I camwhored and munch on his tidbits hahaha!

Although he woke up at 12+ to open the door for me but he go back to sleep and woke up at 4+, we had our heart2heart talks again(our old memories awww) and I was feeding him tidbits as he haven't eat yet. Can't really blame me but he was like fucking sick, he already was shivering while sleeping and I had to take care of him too, so we gave our movie a skip because of both of our laziness. 
So yeah... Had our heart2heart talks till 5+ and he bathe and stuffs then we head to Bugis to meet my family.
Not to forget, he forget to take his wallet so we have to walk all the way back to his house and ask his dad to pass him his wallet. It's like we wasted 5minutes? 

Don't judge, my babyboy not feeling well that day okay. So he looks damn shag, poor baby :(

His nonsense again, I wanted to take his face but his mouth came to the camera haha cute <3

While waiting for a cab

On the cab, my sister kept calling because I was late and all of them are waiting for me on the car, oopps hahaha. And after baby sent me to meet my family, he went to the Macdonald's or walked around Bugis area. Super sorry sia... Need to leave him alone at Bugis :(
On the car, my mum was nagging nagging nagging at me for being supa late, used to it. But baby was being a sweetie sending me sweet messages awww :*

On the car, on our way to NEX

We went to the Party World KTV at NEX sang lots of song, all of Taylor Swift's song, Last Christmas, Girls' Generation's song, Nobody and Chinese songs... Lazy to list down as I already forgotten about it too!

My adorable mum and sis

I spoiled this picture and my hair is screwed!

My annoying but super adorable sister <3

Mum <3

The three pictures taken below by my sister, this shows how horrible her camera skills is, just joking.

Jiaying! She's a Air Stewardess and she's attending her training for 4months I think?
The rules and regulations are super strict, sort of like those NCC and stuffs but it's worse... It's like you can only say "I'm sorry it's my fault"(something like this) if it's your fault or not your fault, you've still got to say sorry! and you can't argue with any of the people on the plane.

Hahahah my mum...

Heading for dinner




My sister's


Didn't take the rest of my family's dinner cause they were sitting too far from me and I'm too lazy to get up from my seat.

Don't know what to call this but I think is "Xiao long bao"? Hahaha


This little girl which I don't know but all I know is that she's very loud and screams a lot!!!

Heading our way back to the car.

Hehehe god damn unglam!


Reached home at about 11... So that's all about yesterday and the day before hahaha had lots of fun but sadly baby ain't there with me with my family. Damn sad k.

PRESENTS TIME!!!! Loving all my x'mas pressie. ^^

A present from my jiu ma(gin ma)
A ribbon(clip) and a rose earrings.

This is from my aunt
Revlon Lipstick

This pretty heels from my Grandmother

From my smallest aunt
Laneige kit

My sister's, took it cause it is super cute ^.^

This heels from my da bo and bo mu(pronounced in chinese)

From my aunt and uncle!
C+ Anti-Oxidization Whitening Fluid

Rose Flower Facial Night Jelly EX

From my smallest uncle!
Sun Block Oil-free, Sun Block Aqua, Water Sleeping Pack-EX, White Plus Renew Daily Protection Cream

From my biao yi

And last but not the least, this Salvatore Fragrance perfume from my mum!

From my cousin
Beauty hair serum

Satisfied with my Christmas present, although I received it early as some of my relatives are still very busy. :(
That's all for now, till next time people! Hope you enjoyed although it's a little too long, toodles!

And this video, taken at Wenyie's house when swimming. Was suppose to be with the post about the swimming thing but forgot to post it over here hahahahaha! Subscribe me too, pm me through facebook if you want me to subscribe you too :) Do leave down your youtube name too! Toodles~!