Friday, February 28, 2014


Hiiiiiiii again, here's the last and final part!! Bear with me for just a little while more.

If you haven't read part 1 & 2 yet, here it is:

We got on the Canopy Flyer after that cause the waiting time was just 10mins.

Guess what happened hahaha... So, when we were all posing to take pics with the two guys above. The guy on the right, stepped on my slipper. I thought he was just coming closer so I didn't notice that he was actually steeping on my slipper. Then when I was about to walk away, I couldn't move my left leg. I wanted to push him but he moved away. When we went to collect our bags from the locker, they both followed us and walked really close behind us HAHAHA damn funny, I cannot!!!

We rushed back to watch the Madagascar show.

And we took pictures with all of them yay!!

I have been to uss for so many times but I never got on the Spaghetti Space Chase ride hahaha

And we finally went to queue for the transformers ride but there was no one at the queue at all!! SHIOK!!!

Sad that human and cylon is still not open :(

After that we got on the mummy ride for the one last time, and we tried to run back to the entrance from the exit as fast as we can but we couldn't make it on time to take on more ride cause it was already 7!!

So sorry cass!! HAHAHA

We all look damn tired at the end of the day hahaha...

My leg was hurting badly and I was just super tired and sian when we were doing some last min shopping at uss...

I look damn tired and shitty here!!

Chubby cheeks!!!

Went to Astons for dinner and I felt so much better after eating Mushroom soup and fries!!! It was another great day out with them. <3 hehe love the polaroids that we took!!

Before I end this post, I just wanna wish my dearest bby a happy birthday!!

Dear Jeslin Lala Ong

HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY!!! <3 I love you to death, thanks for being such a great friend, and an awesome girlfriend too ;))) hehe can't wait to meet you later after school!! Everything that I have to say is in your message so I shall not be mushy over here. But here's to many many many many more years of friendship. All the best in poly okay bby!! You can do it <3 See you tomorrow <3 xoxo

Alright, it's 12:02AM now, I should get to sleep!! Hope that you have enjoyed this post, filled with lots of love and photos!! Will update real soon again ;) Good night!!


Thursday, February 27, 2014


Helloooo I'm back again with part 2!! I'll just let the pictures do the talking. :)

HAHAHA this is inappropriate!

More group pictures yay!!

This is literally our fav picture ok!!! <3

Stupid joe!! Go and cover my face.

The rest went to get Starbucks while Jeslin and I took our ootd hehehe.

Trex and Jes touching Gloria's ass HAHAHA


Look at joe and cass hahaha cuties!!

When we were going down at the last part of the Jurassic Park, I was praying hard that I won't get wet HAHAHA and trex laughed at me. Cass got soaked HAHAHA. I literally stood up so that my pants won't get wet, if not I'll feel very uncomfortable.