Saturday, April 30, 2011

We just wanna make the world dance!

Hey lovelove <3.<3 hehe.
Sorry for the super late update that i promised! ); Something has been going on, and making me damn fucking sad luh! );
Well, today studied with baby <3 guai max ley! <3 hehehehe.
And ya, 19April2011, went for Justin Bieber's My world tour concert. Gosh, was awesome max! Shout here, jump there, scream here, justin there. <3 GAH, can't forget that day <3 hehehe. Well, let the pictures or if i can upload the video, also let the video say about that day. Teehee.

That's about it all? Not gonna upload a whole lot of 300++ pictures :O hehe. Well, awesome la dey! hehe. Will do a post of dedications to all my loved ones and friends <3 hhehehehe. <3, okay, see you guys around again soon <3 Buhbye! <3 xoxo.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 1st Monthsary ♥

Baby! ♥ A special post dedicated to you. You're just super perfect to me okay? ♥ Loveyouttvfcm, no matter what i'll love you till the end okay. Pinky promise la ♥ We have been thru 31days together ever since 3rd march 2011; 05.59PM ♥ I know you love me a lot. And i was shock, something happened that you made me really very very shock okay, you ask me on msn/message & i tell you ;D It's our secret okay ♥

& your the one who only makes me laugh none stop whenever you tell me jokes, your the only one who can hug me tightly and never let me go no matter what. Baby, i love you, a lot. After meeting you, i've totally believed in the word "FOREVER". I can't forget those memories when i'm with you. ♥ Thankiew for always being there for me no matter what, happy/sad , ups/downs , excited/boring ... & whatever things~ I really appreciate it ♥ I wanna thanks god for letting me to know you, my dear silly babybum ♥ Thru this days, i've got to know you more, & more... All those goodmorning & goodnight messages, i've never get enough of it, i can also really read thru all the messages that you sent me, and smiling/laughing to myself. *winkwink

I know la, you keep on disiao me with my EX-NAME, which i'm gonna complain about, but i'm actually quite enjoying it, 'cuz it's always making me laugh out loud srsly, seeing you smiling/laughing over smth, really brighten my day up. ♥ and really, those times when your actually emo/avoiding me, really freaked me out. ): I was so freaking hell yeah fucking worried la ): Thought i did smth wrong or what ley! ): But i, myself get paranoid sometimes, causing myself to be over-reacted and be jealous. haha, and your just always never fail to cheer me up or get myself back again. AIYA, I TELL YOU, I JUST LOVE YOU FOREVER OKAY! I'M GONNA SRSLY FUCKING BE YOUR WIFE HORH *WINKWINK

and really, thank you for making me smile, thank you for guiding me from right and wrong, thanks for your wonderful hugs and kisses I get from you & making me so calm-ed down, all this, really means alot to me. Thank you for spending time with me, taking care of me, i've never once regretted meeting you.

Haha, don't make me do the bunny face to you horh! I tell you first *winks@you. Your gonna be my husband forever, and i'm sure you will love me till the very end. ♥ Sorry for the times when i hit you super hardly, i know it's pain, but sometimes, just bare with it, 'cuz you know my temper uh, sorry for throwing tantrums at you whenever you make me angry or what, but i can't control la, but in the end, you'd never failed to make me smile again. Love you forever okay ma loverboy! xoxo ♥

This picture super cute right? hehe
Don't make me very sad, and go emo at one corner and draw circlesssssss okay, ♥
With love, ♥ Vanessa Teo Shi Hui ♥ xoxo