Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello everyone! My feet is still hurting from today's walking... :( argh I hate wearing flats now!! I think I need to bring a mini chair everywhere I go HAHAHA! I feel so blessed to have true friends by my side and loving me for who I am. And not to mention, my dearest boyfriend who shower love and care to me. I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH OMG!!! I felt damn bad when I couldn't meet my boyfriend tomorrow... He canceled his plans, just to spend time with me! Baby, if you're reading this, I will make it up to you I promise. <3


Lunch with Sijie today, and then we walked around Bugis. My feet was hurting like shit and I really needed to sit down so I just squat down in one of the shop while Sijie was choosing what to buy for her boyfriend. I really wanted to just lie down on the floor. Yes, I was that tired. 

Accompanied Sijie to boon lay cause she needed to collect her things then I went home to put all my things down cause I didn't want to carry it around. Oh, and I got another new wallet from Charles and Keith HAHAHA! Went to meet Jes and Trex later in the evening and we had dinner at The Soup Spoon :)

We were eating halfway and something reminded me of the wrecking ball vine video of this two caucasian boys, me and jes laughed like mad & when trex saw the vid, she laughed like mad too HAHAHA, I really enjoy watching vine videos man!!

Outfit for the day.

Walked around Bugis Street and we saw this group of tourists wearing the same floral pants HAHAHA DAMN FUNNY OMG!!! 

We were walking around and finding a spot to settle down to take some pictures and we finally found a table & we settled down. Oh God, you have no idea how much I needed to just sit down cause my feet was hurting like HELL!!!

Omg, I have been meeting Jeslin for the past few days already!! Love this gurl so much! Hehehe can't wait for tomorrow too!! That's all for today! Am so tired now, gonna hit the sack now. Goodbye beautiful people!!