Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hello beautiful people. It's almost 1am now so I will just post up the pictures and let it do the talking! My mom and I headed to the airport with my relatives at around 4:30am!

Boarded the plane at around 5:50 and it departed from Singapore at around 6:30, HAHA I slept throughout the whole entire 3 hours++!


We reached Hong Kong at 10:40 and we took a bus to our hotel!

 Then we headed out for lunch.

Well, we didn't do much during our first day cause we were all very tired but we went back to the hotel after our lunch and rest for a little while till 5:30 and we headed out for dinner!

Walked around the night market and I got something for my friends ;)

We walked back to our hotel cause we were too tired. AND OMG THE DISTANCE FROM THE MARKET AND OUR HOTEL IS DAMN FAR.
 I was too tired to take anymore pictures. Most of the time I felt sleepy and I don't even know why HAHAHA

Some selfies that I took to end off this post(HAHAH I was trying my best to cover the pimple that is in between my eyebrows)

 That's all for day 1! Very boring but tomorrow will sure be better ;) HEHEHE alright good night everybody!