Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I wanna go.♥

He he ok, here i am blogging again! Currently listening to "I wanna go- Britney Spears"

Got misunderstandings with constance, but cleared things up today with her. ha ha, was okay thou? We are back to friends again, no bitching here & there alr =^^= Glad that i can talked to her nicely, 'cuz she was my 8years junior!

Well, constance, here's a post for you then^^ I've known you for quite a long time~ You are a very very sweet & good girl. I liked & adore you a lot ain't i?(: We shared secrets among each other, and i swear, i won't say it to anyone already my dear girl! Meet up soon with Sarah & Mavis!^^ Miss you girls like hell yeah~!♥ What i promised, i'll keep it alright^^ Your an awesome junior who loves to help people out & loves to listen to their craps like their upset stuffs. Good listener too!♥ Your super adorable & lovely, find a guy who truly loves you for who you are^^!

Okay, Maybe gonna change the skin on my blog soon enough :3 And the big picture in the middle, too off~ Must maintain! This few days take picture really must maintain my face already! Confirm will give the camera one jiaobin. ha ha ha. Okay, have nothing to do at home, so camwhored with myself. Suffer to see all my pictures ok! Sorry readers!): Haven been going out this few days! Gonna go meet baby tmrw like finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

HA HA, okay. Enough of making you guys suffer to look at my ugly face!): He he. Well, will update again on tmrw's day with baby.

Argh, school's gonna start in like 2days! & i srsly hate it. Need to see faces that i hate ,especially y'allknow right, my vp .______. Keep on catch me on this & that for no reason. Okay, my fringe confirm kana catch by her, haven been cutting, and it's quite long though. HA HA, clip up fringe also not bad ah! But must maintain my face like srsly! People always tells me to maintain my face when taking pictures! Although it makes people laughhhhh.

Shan't be ranting rubbish anymore!(: Alright! Gonna go watch movies on funshion now! Bye loved ones! Update soon again!^.^ Ciao!♥

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who run this motha' fker?

Hi lovelies. ♥
Okay, the above video is super sweet. A guy wanting to ask to marry this girl, then, he did everything for her, & also when she said yes, they just straight married on the spot. OKAY, although you don't get me here, just watch the video, the quality ain't that good. But at least can see(:

Well, life's been good. Baby's back in sg!~ Meeting him tmrw as well, gonna bring my lappy over to his house. Days without him srsly suck big time. Can't even receive sweet messages from him): But at least i can send him. . . FUCKEN ANGRY. I DON'T KNOW WHY...

Well, let's update about yesterday on the 8th!...

In the morning like 11+ went to Liyi's house after i prepare myself. & guess what? text-ed baby's aunt and she said he's only coming back after approx 10pm -.- Fuck up srsly. Sort of like bashed Tingtat(Liyi's brother), because i was so unhappy about it.

Joanna came, and we went to eat at 34. Saw ahxiang, so seated with him, after eating&drinking, headed to the salon and liyi's gonna trim her hair.

A self picture of me(;

So after her haircut~ We walked to guardian & then to 7eleven.

Saw this super cute kitten & went to carry it. Super cute, but i got wash my hands after that~ MY DEAREST COUSIN KITTY CAT(;

Went back to liyi house, & then xiang, jon, don, all there already.
SO, we all watched a chinese vampire&ghost movie. Everyone's eyes was fucken looking at the movie we downloaded on funshion. ha ha ha so we freakin' went to kallang after that.

Sorry for the unglams^.^ meow~

OKAY, so ahxiang's legs was like JELLY ALREADY. & we just continue walk back home. ha ha ha torturing him man!(Y)

So me & liyi was like starting with the piggyback thingy~ and the rest copycat go follow! meow~

Aftermath, when we were walking halfway thru, Jon go carry nana on his shoulders~ like some ahlong like that HA HA HA. We all laughed our ass offffffff la~ Anyway, Jon & nana are siblings, so ya, dont anyhow think~ Nana with donovan one~<3


Jon & Suyi! <3.<3

Don & nana! <3.<3

nana running away from jon, cause she said something offensive to him LOL. Siblings jiu shi like that~

Okay, enough of my craps...

I'm gonna head out soon enough yeah! Meeting liyi, ah jeann, Jon, nana, joyce, ttho, then we'll be heading to wenyie's condo & swim~ (Y) Although it's raining now, but who cares? ha ha ha, gonna swimswimswimswimswim. But better dont get sick lo, if not my baby will get worried): he he, okay, ciaozxc!:3 Ignore my photo spam, .__. I KNOW IT'S FUGLY!):
kthxbyepeople, love you! xoxo.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lips like angel.♥

hehe my new favourite song, she's just hot, you go ya punk princess!

Hey babies♥

Finally got time to update ,well baby's out of singapore, and i'll be alone! Nevermind! I will spend all my time with my Laogong(LIYI♥) hehe.

Well, on the 21st;
Went to help out @ Pasir ris, WATER POINT for the Passion run. Yeap, spend all my whole entire life with my baby♥ Reported to school early in the morning @ 9.30am ,was dead beat when i got to school.

Before that, went to met baby at NEX to have breakfast(: So yeah, headed our way to the school, and we were in time to go by the shortcut, thanks to uncle kuna, our security guard~

After we reached, fall in & go collect our shirt, went to the toilet & changed! the shirt was super big in size, although it's small alr. LOL

All of us were crazy taking photos, though all are nonsense, but all are memories.

Got up the bus, and went to our own point that we need to help out, and the thing that sucks big time is, baby, me, Vishvini, Sankeri & Rachael, got back at the starting point which really got us real pissed.

But we didn't even complain, we actually blamed other people for taking our nice & windy point LOL. So, we got nothing much to do, & walk a whole wide round around the starting point, then Vishvini went to tell the person we'd nothing to do.

and we were ask to like guide all the runners to go to their counter & put their bags. Suck big tim TT was really into helping BY THE BEACH, and this is what they gave us(Y)

So we were like really serious this time, & finally we got our break, and guess what? We slacked all the way, and the manager was there kp-ing us): Awww.. sadly, we still sitting there like we never hear her haha.

Credits to rachael!(:

So we had our dinner @ about 5+? Early isn't it? I was hungry to death, and i was like whining for food, & baby laughed real hardly at me because i was cute? o.o he he.

Had ask to sign for this road safety thingy. The uncle was like "girl girl, sign this for surpporting by using zebra crossing and not creating any accidents" Then i go "Huh? Uncle, do this also no use, like whole world will know?!" he gave me a look and ask me to just sign, so i signed, so did the rest~ he he

The view was very nice.

and not to forget! the guy carrying the 100plus thingy, gives out free 100plus, and the girl was giving out fans to let us fan ourself! Haha cute couple ya! he he.

Baby bought dounuts, and we shared, he was like feeding me in public, a lot people looking, and i was like, "EH WTF so many people looking, better go now" (In my mind ofc)

no more slacking, and we'd to get ready to like give those runners back their bag, was effing busy until cannot really take much photos!

baby & i bought this effing cute evil thingy, we wore it at night no matter where we go haha. how cute?

and soon it's at night already.

Baby & i after that went to watch a movie that is shown during the event over at the starting point, everybody brought mat, and ya, we couldn't find any place, so we went back to the bad deposit counter~

After that, Sankeri was like asking me to ask a Indian guy for his number/facebook. ha ha ha WAS SO EPIC, in the end baby asked. And we were like playing the popcorn buy throwing it around at each other LOL acting like kids.

HA HA HA LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, YAM AH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ TWO SHOTS OF HIM, ALTHOUGH DIDN'T GET TO TAKE HIS FACE, CAUSE HE WAS ALWAYS TURNING HIS HEAD AROUND-.- oh ya, & i remembered, he sang his remix that people made for him during when the dk who was welcoming him. LOL EPIC TOO.

and at the next day, i went to my relative's new house, was super super spacious & super chio omg!

Hahaha my dear pretty pretty aunt, okay, my height is totally OFF.

Hmm.. Will update again about this day alright? cause got way too many photos!): he he, and the bear was very cute, very huggable! hehehehe.


Okay people, done with all my talkings & pictures! Will update on this post about the house visiting, & will update my blog daily okay! Bye people. Keep comments coming okkkkk. Loveallofyou. xoxo!