Saturday, November 30, 2013



Back for a short update and I can't wait to share with you girls something at the end of this post ;)  Anyway, I can finally get my pay tomorrow omffffggggggggggg!! I can't wait to go shopping. BRB GONNA WATCH THE FUNNY VINES FIRST, MY BF IS WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW HAHAHA

Okay hi I'm back!!!!!!!!

Damien is going to phucket & bangkok on Monday :((((( I wish that I can send him off at the airport but I have to go to work. Gonna miss this boy so much, always full of nonsense and making me smile all the time. Please take good care of yourself while you're enjoying okay! I love you boo <3

 I love my new lockscreen wallpaper now hehehe

SooOoooOooooo went to meet my sillyboy yesterday, wanna spend my time with him before he flies off.

We didn't eat dinner cause it was full house at almost every single restaurant. We ended up getting starbucks instead and settled down somewhere outside & had our heart to heart talks, it was the same place where we sat like 2 years ago!?!? Some guy approached us and we donated some money to him, that guy is not like those people outside NEX or anywhere else forcing people to donate $10 lol. 2 guys approached me today and I just ignored and walk right pass them cause I know that they were gonna ask me to donate not just $1 but MORE!!! What are they doing omg, so ridiculous, all this people!!!

Right, anyway....

We missed the fireworks cause I wanted to go to the toilet so badly, DAMN!!! Then my stupid boyfriend said that he wanted to stay outside and not go to the toilet cause he was waiting for the fireworks and it was a surprise for me HAHAHAH full of bullshit sia this qtpie. After that we just walked around and explored almost the whole place at habourfront centre(if I am not wrong)... Just a normal day where we just walk around and talk about lots of stuff, nothing much. Wanted to watch Catching Fire but all the tickets were sold out, only left with the midnight timing. Shall watch it another time when we're free then! :(

Shall just let the pictures do the talking for now!

Him: "eh I look nice here sia"
Me: "oh my God I don't look nice"
It's either he look nice or I don't/the other way round, every time like that one HAHAHA *laughing emoji*

please ignore my face HAHAHA

Me and the HUGEEEE Christmas tree! The second picture damn fail eh HAHAHA



"Ellysage is a global online store providing affordable fashion-forward apparels. Ellysage is based in Singapore and sources and manufactures products from all over the world.

We are a dedicated team that believes in running our business with sincerity and hard work. We believe in constant innovation and continuos improvement in our company, our website, and our operations, so as to bring to you a better shopping experience. We aim to one day become the online store known for unparalleled customer service.

We are eager to answer any questions you may have about us. Simply leave us a question here or chat with us on Facebook and we will respond to you as soon as we can!"

YES HEHEHE, an advert on Ellysage!!! I'm madly in love with their collection. When Ellysage approached me I immediately accepted their sponsorship cause I LOVE THEIR APPARELS, I mean like, WHO DOESN'T!?!?!? Okay this isn't the main point, scroll down ;)))

Jayann Eyelet Flutter Dress 
(my outfit for my birthday as seen above)

 I really love this flutter dress so much, this was the other item that first caught my eye since the off shoulder dress was out of stock! It is such a girly-girl dress. I've fallen in love with it once I laid my eyes on this dress when I received the parcel. 

Hestia Cropped Cable Knit Pullover

This is sooOooooo perfect for cold weathers especially when you're going to some country where it is snowing/freezing cold there! It'll keep you super warm and the material is A to the W to the E to the S to the O to the M to the E, AWESOME!!!! Super duper comfy too!!!

Roryn Laced Keyhole Peplum
(wearing it in my vs polaroid as seen above)

I absolutely adore this piece a lot!!! Peplum top always makes you look more elegant and it makes your waist smaller, it shows off more of your figure too. The material is laced, so that's a plus point!!!


You'll get a set of free Skinfood samples with every order on from the 1st to 14th December, there's also free sample sets for items purchased at their rack at JEM Blogshopping, Kissjane Bugis & Kissjane Century Square!!

Follow Ellysage on instagram & like them on Facebook now <3

Have fun shopping girls xoxo!!!

That's all for today! Till next time xoxoxo

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hello hello hello!! I almost overslept today, my alarm didn't ring!!! I am blogging through my phone at work right now since I have absolutely nothing to do... And I only uploaded all the pictures on to this post omgggg I need to stop doing things halfway man!!! I can just stop everything that I am doing then start using my phone and just fall asleep HAHAHAHA

And sorry for not blogging so often anymore. Holidays are boringggggggggg cause I spend most of my time at work. BUT I CANT WAIT TO GET MY PAY, and I have a list of things to buy I JUST CANT WAIT!!! Three more days!!!!!! Heheheh

Been having really bad headaches for the past two freaking days and I really HATE eating panadol, had no choice yesterday cause it hurt so badly that I almost fainted at work. Time for me to get more sleep and drink more water!!!

This is how I feel whenever I need to get up for work!!! 


My colleague got some snacks from Korea for us!!!!!!!!!!

I love this so much omg I finished the whole box by myself but of course I offered everyone first before I eat lah

Dinner with my lover boy at this graffiti cafe @ cineleisure, cheap & good food!!


Took the test and I am a romantic angel ;)


My peasant life at work :'(

My colleagues and I went to give out flyers door to door hahaha sorry had to cover my face with something cause I look very tired and unglam. Me and Joann had a short break and we decided to buy watermelon juice, IT WAS SO GOOOOOOOD!!!

So they decided that I take care of all the bags(we found a trolley abandoned at one of the flats and we used it) so that they won't have to carry their bags along with them. I CUT OUT ALL THE FLYERS BTW, AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF HAHA JK!!!

After we gave out the flyers, Huiting decided to eat at Mahattan Fish Market for my advance birthday dinner!!

My silly bf got Krispy Kreme and he didn't tell me :((((

My mom celebrated my birthday in advance too on the 24th!! She got this green tea cake for me.

Hehehe I love them so much <3

So Cass trex and jes decided to celebrate my birthday with me and we went to kallang leisure cause we wanted to buy tickets for Avril's concert but in the end we decided that when jes and Cass have enough money then we will go back to buy again.

We went to bugis and walked around HAHAHA
Crazy bitches! Trex was having leg cramp HAHAHAHA. 

When we were heading to bugis+, we went to meet and talked to Joey for abit. Joey was damn sweet for the first time, she hugged & wished me happy birthday HAHAHA that heartless bitch is always so mean to me, it's okay, I know that she loves me.

We settled down at bugis junction's food court and just talkkkkkk. Cass and trex ate & I had watermelon juice only cause I'm gonna meet Damien for dinner! Jes was meeting someone else for dinner AHEM AHEM HAHAHA. 

I love cass's new hair omgggg I feel like dyeing my hair to a bright red kind of colour hmm idk... Haven't make up my mind yet!!! I need suggestion!!! All my friends are like asking me to dye but I also love my natural brown hair(bet you guys don't know that my hair is natural nah jk) :(((


Damien and AHEM reached bugis at around 6+ so it was time for us to say our goodbyes to each other and take some picures ;)

we both look like shit here but whateverrrrrr

I wanted to take another pic with Cass, then trex & jes came into the picture too HAHAHAHA bitches <3 <3 <3

I love iPhone5's front camera omg so clear!!!!

Thank you girls for the wonderful day & the presents even though we didn't do much :p I love y'girls lah seriously I'm so glad I met all of you, thanks for always being so straightforward & being there for me when I needed you. <3 <3 <3

Dinner at nydc with my boyfriendddd

The Meatball that ate Manhattan

I love you noobshit <3 <3

My ootd, I swear to God my eyebrow makes my face looks weird :(((


Cheapdeals_here was kind & very nice to sponsor me again!! I love to work with cheapdeals_here, plus the things on her website are all very affordable & pretty, and I'm happy that you girls can buy your apparels from them at a LOW price!!! Really love their collections so much!! <3
Polka Dot Pullover

I absolutely adore pullovers now i don't even know why!!! And this is polkadot, so it is a PLUS!!!!!!! It is the rainy season in Singapore now so it won't be that hot when you're wearing pullover. The material is not too thick too!!! :-)

Studded Denim Sling

The thing about this sling bag is that it has SO MUCH STORAGE!!! You can put tons of things inside. It's denim too so yayyyyyyy, and I can easily match it with any outfits. Really love this piece, oh I can also match it with my pullovers ;-)

Tiger Pullover

Hehehe another pullover again!!! I was deciding between the polka dot and this tiger pullover, and I told cheapdeals_here that I wanted this too and she was so kind to sponsor me one more piece. As usual, the material is not very thick, perfect for sunny/rainy days omg!?!?!?

Do take note of this special promo!!! It is only for TOMORROW, 28th November!!!

What are you waiting for?! Head on down to now!! Remember to quote "vanessaSG" for $1 off your total purchase. Happy shopping dolls xoxo