Sunday, February 21, 2016

Short Trip to Batam!

Hello everybody! Gonna update on my Batam trip with the girls. Went there on the 1st and 2nd Feb hahaha and warning, there's a lot of photos and I had a hard time arranging all the pictures accordingly because I didn't really take a lot of pics(was focusing more on my travel vlog), but most of the pictures are from my camera, Joyce's phone and Meiping's camera.

Anyway, here's the batam vlog that I posted up on my channel!

Day 1 Itinerary
- Mega Mall at Batam Centre
- Checked in at Harris Hotel (located right beside the ferry terminal)
- Kepri Mall
- BCS Mall
- Top 100 Penuin Mall
- Batam Centre to send Vanessa & Eunice off
- Back to hotel to rest & change
- Mega Mall to buy snacks at the hypermarket

We decided to meet at vivo's mac at 10am, Eunice was the earliest followed by me hahaha the rest reached pretty late. Didn't have time for mac breakfast so we went to collect our ferry ticket straight away. Got on the ferry at about 10:40am and reach about 10:50-ish(batam time).
Underwrap tie crop top from @thefluffydream.

So after we reached, our first stop was Mega Mall which is located right opposite Batam Centre. Atiqa and I were the only ones who bought the 3G sim cards HAHA. Went to D'Cost to eat, the food is damn good! All you have to do is pick the cards of whatever food/drinks you want and pass it to the staff.

Our total bill was 556,600rp, which is about $10 or lesser per person!!!

After our brunch, I couldn't find my shoe bag!!! My sandals and slipper was inside but phew, we found it back at the sim card place. 

Checked in at Harris Hotel, we were staying on the first floor but the view is still super pretty?! Headed out, went to get a cab and that's when we found our driver Fendi!!  He drove us for the whole day and also for our second day when we went to golden prawn! He couldn't speak english so Atiqa was translating the whole time for us. YAY ATIQA HAHAH!

First stop: Kepri Mall
Nothing much for us in Kepri Mall except for the make up products. Bought foundation and some lippies from maybelline at matahari. And I also bought a new selfie stick at $7 only HAHA thanks Meiping for helping me bargain.

2nd stop: BCS Mall
Walked around the mall but nothing caught my eye. But we played bumper car and Atiqa brought her gopro and she wore it on her head. The bumper car ride was only $1.50!!! Super cheap.

Did my nails for 380,000rp, Joyce did something simple so hers was only 150,000rp.
Their instagram: @anjell_nail_and_makeup

Vanessa and Eunice tried ear candling haha so cool.

De Loving Heart(it's a vegan restaurant) for dinner, everyone was still very full from the brunch and snacks except for Joyce HAHAHA. 
Didn't manage to take my ootd and it was already 7pm but I took quite a few nice shots in the restaurant HAHAHA very bu yao lian because there's people in the restaurant and I just take pics infront of them?!

Last stop: Top 100 penuin mall
Selfies with Eun, ahhhh sadly she went back on the first day. Vanessa too :(

There's alot of accessories and cheap make up products and brushes there. I was too tired to even buy anything, just wanted to go back to the hotel to rest. But I managed to buy a hair tie for a bun!
I'm the only one not smiling?!?!? And why do I look so stiff HAHA

Went back to Batam Centre to send Vanessa and Eunice off. Didn't take any pics with Vanessa so a photobomb picture will do ;)

Finallyyyyyyy!! Got back to the hotel and transferred all the pictures and videos into my laptop. Rested awhile and we went to Mega Mall's hypermarket to buy some snacks and cup noodles. Joyce bought some hair serum for dry & damaged hair, should've bought it too man, it was only $6 :(
We were walking out of Harris Hotel, it was really dark and I FREAKING FELL INTO THE DRAIN!! For those who added me on snapchat, you'll know how big the gap was. They didn't even close the gap of the drain properly omg but it's okay. Lucky me, I just got scratches and not like those deep cuts. Atiqa thought that I fell down and when she saw my entire left leg in the drain she was like "wtf". I didn't cry hahaha!!! *pats on my back*

Meiping was watching her videos and the rest of us just had a heart to heart talk while eating kuaci. By heart to heart talk... I mean girls talk ;) HAHA! And that's it for day 1. Slept at about 1-2am.


Day 2 Itinerary
- Check out from Harris Hotel :'(
- Joyce aunt's place to put our stuff
- Golden Prawn (or Monkey Beach Hut) for parasailing and banana boat
- Back to Joyce aunt's place to shower and pack everything
- Golden Prawn 555 seafood restaurant for dinner
- Batam Centre Ferry Terminal

Joyce and I actually wanted to watch the sunrise. I'm a very light sleeper so her alarm kept me up from 5am till 6am... :( Didn't wake her up cause she looked very tired. Went back to sleep and woke up at 6:50 to prepare because I take foreverrrr to get ready haha.

Harris Hotel have the best lighting for selfies!!!!!!!

Checked out at 10am and Fendi was already waiting for us. Then we went to Joyce aunt's place to put all our stuff and off to golden prawn for our water activities. We actually wanted to go to Turi Beach Resort for our water activities but her aunt said that golden prawn is better so we went there instead. Maybe the next time round when I go to Batam, I can stay at Turi Beach!

It was raining the entire morning but it stopped when we reach the place so yay.
Parasailing was about $40-50 per person and Banana Boat was about $20(divided by the 4 of us). I can't remember clearly but I'll update again on the price.

So happy that I did parasailing :') I was a little nervous at first but I enjoyed every second of it!! Joyce went up first then me, followed by Atiqa. Meiping didn't do it because she's scared of heights and also rollercoasters HAHA.
Ohhh that's me high up in the air!!

My eyes were half closed! HAHA look at us omg we look so happy.

The aftermath of banana boat, don't be fooled by our smiles, we're actually dying on the inside. Climbing back up onto the banana boat is no joke man. Good workout though. And we didn't even eat a proper meal before doing all of this crazy stuff. I ate like 5 mouthful of my cup noodle and threw it away because I didn't have time to eat. :(

Mesh front floral maxi dress from @prettywildrebels <3

Awkward hands hahaha!

Got this bikini from Carousell, @sgmermaid!

Went back to Joyce aunt's place to bathe and pack then we headed to Golden Prawn 555 to eat seafood.
We spent 750,200rp in total for this meal!

Top from @avariceapparel.
Bag from @thefluffydream.

Our last stop was Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. We actually wanted to go for foot massage but didn't have enough time so we just walked around.

:((( Sigh, I miss batam!! Anyway, funny story... We were sitting down, waiting to get on the ferry and after awhile, people were going in and all of us asked Joyce if we're suppose to get on that ferry but she said no. Then after 5mins, the person at the counter called out all of our names. Turns out, it was our boarding time and we're suppose to get on that ferry. We almost missed it omg!
Such an unforgettable trip. Hahaha we're planning our next trip right now to Bangkok! Alright that's it for today. Thanks for reading everyone, even though I barely update my blog anymore... Bye!!! <3