Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hiiiii!!! I am finally back for an update. Finally had the time to settle down in front of my laptop and talk about my hk trip again. Still very tired and I am still having a little bit of sore throat argh this sucks!! Can't wait to head to Sentosa with Joe, Jes, Cass and Trex later! Have to wake up early cause we're meeting at 7.30 HAHAHA we always late one. Oh yeah, just in case if you're wondering why my sister didn't go on this vacation trip, she wanted to stay in sg to focus on her studies cause she don't want to miss out on any lessons or tests. So hardworking, proud sister here. :') Really wished that she was there with me and my mom though...

If you haven't read day 1 and 2, here you go:

Had dim sum for breakfast!

Headed to Ngong Ping 360 to take the crystal cabin cable car(glass bottomed car). My mom and the others took the normal cable car!

I even planked on the glass floor but I won't post the pic up here cause too unglam :p

Saying no to pictures HAHA

People actually walk to the ngong ping village which is super far omg!!!

The big bhudda!!! LOLLLLL climbing up the stairs was no joke let me tell you!!! I was tired af when I got to the top but it was very windy and the view was breathtaking so I catch-ed my breath in just a few minutes! My whole back was full of sweat but the wind cooled me down.


We headed down to eat our lunch and I saw this lady who was praying to the bhudda each time she reach the platform at the end of the stairs. 

Only vegetarian food there though.... :(

With my beautiful mummy <3

The dog is so cute!!!! but dangerous hahaha

We didn't go into the temple and see cause we were too tired then we headed back to the city!!

Their guardian is called mannings HAHAHA

Police controlling the traffic cause there's a 20 min firework show!


We joined the crowd and waited for the fireworks to start. Nothing much to see cause we were at the back so we just walked back to our hotel!

And this sums up my day 3, nothing much but I sure enjoyed my day at ngong ping. The fireworks was kinda disappointing though! Alright, I'll update soon again. Byeeeeee!!