Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hello everyone!! Finally have the time to update this space. I am finally done with all my projects and assignments!! Only left with two more exam papers and I am free. Can't wait for the holidays. I am suppose to be studying now but I'm just too lazy already. Last Saturday, I went to celebrate my bf's belated birthday, he didn't know about it hahaha. I'm just gonna let the picture do the talking.
His "cake"


HAHAHA okay lah we got him a hello kitty fruit cake, it was the guy's idea... And you know what we got for him? Yita got him 4 big packets of hello panda. We also got him a fan, potatoes, 2 bottles of green tea(the guys drank half of one bottle hahaha) and a ben10 shirt... I guess this it it? Hahaha can't remember. We wanted to get him a crocs bag tho(a pink one) hahaha. 
He was super late cause he was popping his zit on his nose, and that explains the plaster on his nose... HAHAHA

Went to meet sunny to go for the YTFF after that!
Hahaha troyler!!!! Got to hang out with nic shields and his friends, he's a nice guy and he couldn't believe that I was 17, he thought that I was 14 or something hahaha.

The next day, I went to meet my classmates!!!
Top is from ellysage, advert will be up soon!

Went to meet bf and we watched Godzilla!

More picturessss!!!
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Alright, that's all for today, thank you for reading and a new video will be uploaded soon hehehe! Can't wait to update tmr again!!! Enjoy your june holidays everyone <3