Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Spliffs

Hello everyone!! I am addicted to "Chandelier - Sia", it's so emotional omfg and Sia's voice/vocal is the bomb. Even though the music video was abit creepy and weird but after awhile I got what it was all about, love Maddie Ziegler(she's from dance moms), she is so talented!! So yesterday, trex and I decided to go to the beach hehehe the rest of the girls weren't free :( HAHAHA I shall let the pictures do the talking alright.
Bikini top from F21 :)

Hate it when my hair just falls when the picture it taken...

Can you see my vampire teeth HAHAHA

Something weird happened again(it happened once when I was with trex too!! But this time, it's at the beach) HAHAHA. A lifeguard started talking to us, at first we thought his friends were disturbing so we didn't care. BUT!!! We walked further down the beach and that guy was there too. He was talking to us, but I didn't answer, trex did all the talking HAHAHA. And when we decided to walk further down again... Trex said that he was following us again, this time he asked us for a polaroid cause apparently, his friends DARED him to do it hahaha but I didn't have any films left so he wanted to take a selfie and he asked us to follow him on twitter so that we can send him the picture??? I think he was totally interested in trex :p the whole time I was just trying to not answer to him but it's a little rude if we don't talk to him HAHAHA. Damn annoying cause we were trying to get the perfect selfie and he kept walking here and there AND ruined our shot hahahhaa. Trex's reaction after he walked away was priceless HAHHAHAHHA. I showed her the picture that was on my phone and we both laughed and had the same reaction.
The sunset was so pretty omg we managed to take some silhouette photos!

Went to wash up and trex realized that her sunglasses was missing. So we went back to the beach after cleaning up but didn't manage to find it :( but I'm gonna give her mine cause I don't use it anymore already.

Dinner at ajisen!
Hehehe had an enjoyable day with this beautiful girl. Bby, if you're reading this... <3 I want you to be happy. :') Really hoped that yesterday's beach outing made you happier, you definitely look super happy hahaha. Stay strong and don't forget, I am here for you, the all 4 of us are here for you. <3 Don't forget how beautiful you are with that smile on your face. I wanna feel the sunshine vibe from you because being around you, it just makes me smile, even when on my worst days, being around you and the other girls, it just makes me happy, seems like all my troubles are gone, I hope you feel the same way too. :p I love you. <3 Hehehe can't wait to see you again! ;)

That is all for today everyone! Hahahaha I'll update again tmr and I can't wait for my sleepover at my bf's next week. Good bye, enjoy your last few days of the hols to the fullest! <3