Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Third | Advert: Ellysage

Hello everyone!! Today's my 3 year 3 months anniversary with Damien and he got sick today :( So I spent my evening taking care of him and making sure that he feels better. Poor boy!! But anyway, it has been such a long time since we first get into a relationship.

He was being such a sweetheart today. We had a short heart to heart talk before he ko-ed and said that we will probably get married in the future. Gahhhh my heart melted. I love him so much. I can feel that as time goes by, he cherishes me more and more, I can tell... Hahaha I can still remember how childish we were back then and now, we understand each other more and I am glad that we don't fight or quarrel anymore. We tend to give in every now and then, try to avoid small problems. But of course when there's a big fight or something, we'll talk things out.

I am so glad that I met him and have never regretted getting together with this idiot. He makes me smile!! He told me that we'll be going to Japan/somewhere else once we are old enough to take care of ourselves(he loves Japan HAHAHA). I love spending every second with him, even though Singapore is super boring but we can just cuddle and watch horror movies together, small things like this makes me happy. :') 

I remember the first time that he met me, he was kinda scared of me HAHAHA. Thinking about how he reacted & all, it just makes me want to laugh out loud. I am really grateful for him cause he stayed with me through all these years, and he is still showering me with lots of love and care. No matter how annoying/irritating he gets sometimes, I'll still love him with all my heart. I don't think any guy can stand my attitude, except for him. 

I really can't thank him enough for everything. All the things that he did for me. I love you baby. Happy 3 year & 3 months anniversary. See you tomorrow and hope you're feeling better <3 Hahaha just some pictures...

Hahaha I should do a boyfriend tag right??? But this boy too shy lah aiyo.

 That's all I have for you all! Alright, time for adverts.



"Ellysage is a global online store providing affordable fashion-forward apparels. Ellysage is based in Singapore and sources and manufactures products from all over the world. We are a dedicated team that believes in running our business with sincerity and hard work. We believe in constant innovation and continuous improvement in our company, our website, and our operations, so as to bring to you a better shopping experience. We aim to one day become the online store known for unparalleled customer service.

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I love ellysage! They always bring in super nice, trendy, versatile and adorable apparels. I am always looking forward to look at ellysage's new apparels. Ellysage always surprise me with their new apparels.

Begonia Double Cross Top
I love this crop top! At the front, it shows just a normal crop top but at the back, it says sexy all over it. Simple yet unique. This crop top is so easy to match with. So versatile. If you're afraid that the back may be too much, you can match it with a cardigan from Ellysage, you don't have to worry so much and the cardigan keeps you warm too ;)

 Vasha Colourblock Pullover
This pullover just yells "PASTELLLLL", it is so pretty and cute. The material is super comfortable, due to the weather in Singapore, it's crazy to wear this pullover but you can just bring it out with you if you're going to catch a movie, you can put on a pullover, have another new outfit instead of wearing a cardigan. It looks too cute with the sweet pastel colourblocking design.

Thank you girls for reading and also for your support for me and ellysage.
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That's all I have for you all today, I'll update again very soon!! Goodbye. :)