Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just an update

Hiiiiii! This will just be a short update and I finally uploaded a new video on my channel, you can watch it below ;) Soooo... Today was a stay home sunday for me hahaha finally watched modern family season 5 after such a long time!!

Dinner with my bf and his mom the other day at Chef's Noodle!!
Mine - Curry Deopbap, $12.90

Boyfriend's - Haemul Champong Guksoo, $14.90

Bf's mom - Chef's Guksoo(their signature noodle dish), $13.90

The food wasn't that bad hahaha had a good chat and we walked around jurong point, had ice cream and I went home! Hahaha some pictures to keep this blog alive...
Okay! That's all for today. Enjoy your last week of holidays, hahaha go do something fun ;) I'm so happy cause I still have hols till the second week of July hehehe. Goodbye <3

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