Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hello everyone!!! Hehehe so I went cruising with Gracia on Sunday again at punggol waterway. Hahaha I had a great time with her, this bimbo is always pointing middle finger and being so mean to me hmph. We always take way too many selfies HAHAHA so, this post is gonna be a picture post. Okay okay... So I went to her house in the afternoon then we left at about 4, after cruising for 30mins, I got really tired and we took turns to pull each other on the penny hahaha. Settled down at this restaurant and we had ice kachang, best feeling ever after a "workout???" haha. Walked around and explored the rest of the place. Ok, I should let the pictures do the talking ;)
Polaroid films sponsored by @lokipokey_ <3

Gahhhhhh omg the sunset is way too pretty <3

Photos from Gracia's phone :p
Took a bus back to nex and we just walked around and had this h2h(kinda) talk. Hahaha I think we'll do this very often. Alright, good night everybody. I'll update tmr :)

Xoxo <3