Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Best days of my life

Hello everyone, my current header is just for temporary, am editing the one that I wanna put as my header soon. Anywayyy, I am super lucky this year, met almost everyone who came for the Youtube Fanfest! So happy that I finally got to meet troyler, and bethany(again). Okay so I should just tell you guys about what happened okay!!

Went to the airport to fetch beth and there were so many people omg. It was madness and everybody was surrounding her, of course, there were security guards around her keeping her safe. Once we got down to the private car park or something, I saw her dad struggling with his luggage so I helped him. Thank God that we bumped into these two super nice fangirls who were waiting in a cab just infront of beth's car and they agreed on splitting the cab fare. :') Super happy that I finally got to meet her again. Apparently, she went to the wrong hotel, she went to the other pan pacific at orchard area, not the one near scape!! Okay okay... here are the pictures heheh! Can't thank those two fangirls enough man!!

The very next day, thursday, I went to the airport with Rachael in the morning. I sacrificed myself and got on a cab to go and fetch them so that we could follow his car. Just when we could catch him, the driver wanted to make us go the wrong way. He kept turning here and there which was super dangerous and the taxi uncle said that for our and his own safety, it's been to stop cause it was getting way out of hand and he dropped us at Mandarin Hotel. 

We saw beth tweeted a picture. So me rach trix and her friend guess that it was at pan pac, the one super near scape. When we walked there, we saw coral. Talked to her for a little bit then we decided to go get smoothie king. Just when we were gonna walk back to pan pacific.... Rach turned around and she shouted "omg" and I turned, IT WAS TROYE TYLER AND KOREY WALKING BEHIND US OMFG!!! I was shaking from head to toe and I didn't know what to do. BUT I managed to take quite a number of photos and a polaroid with them. So happy and I felt super lucky!!! Thank God that I passed them their letters!!
HAHAHA that's me!!! :p


We saw Joseph too!!! And I kinda creeped up on him to stop him HAHAHA oops i'm so sorry!!! Went to meet my bf for his bday dinner after that and I had so many things to talk to him about hahaha happy that I spent his bday with him at night cause he had school in the morning!! 

So..... On friday hahaha I went to stalk again!! This time, it's with trix & mia. Cass joined shortly after that too! All the pictures taken were blur but it's okay cause I went to the press conference!!!
So... at the conference, each youtubers have 2 questions from us and yeah, everyone just asked the questions and I was just busy taking photos hahaha! Tyler said that I look familiar when I approached him and I said ily and he said back to me omg, I could hardly breathe!!! 
When beth was answering a question, she said that someone's outfit was super cute and that she wanna steal it. When I asked for a picture and she said that my outfit was super cute, and I asked if she was referring to me and she said yes she totally wanna steal it OMGGGGG even though she might say that to every cute outfit but I'm one of the lucky people who she said that to!!! I can't even...
I'm also super happy that Troye remembered me and he said that he saw me 2 times!!! I really can't express how happy I am!
Lilly is super friendly and nice!! She is so full of energy gahhhhh so cute. HAHAHA Dee Kosh remembered me and asked how I am doing in life and school, he is like the funniest lah omg!!! Sorry you guys hahaha fan-girling mode: on!!!

Wanna thank Sunny too!! Am super upset that Jenna & Ryan didn't turn up for the press conference... but I hope I see Jenna next year! She followed me on twitter you all! OMG!!!

Went to meet cass then we headed to meet trex and lala <3

Some pictures taken with my dslr!

Can all of us just take this moment and look at how tyler crossed his arms and look mad when Dee Kosh said that "On air, I love one direction and I don't use vulgar words. On twitter, I hate one direction and uses tons of vulgar words." HAHAHA OMG SUPER CUTE!!! At the press con, I was hoping that Jenna would go but she didn't go for it and I couldn't pass her the gifts that I got for her :( It's okay, there is always a next time! Alright, thank you all for reading and I'll update tomorrow again. Bye!!! <3