Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Ice Edge & Lola's Cafe

Hello everyone! Yesterday, which was Friday... My girls and I wanted to have lunch at Lola's Cafe but we didn't made it on time by 3pm so we had lunch at The Ice Edge cafe instead. The food was not that bad, well for me hahah cause I had pasta. I shall let the pictures do the talking :)
Mine - Bacon and Ham Aglio Olio, $14.80.

Trex - Pesto Cream Chicken, $17.80.

Jes - Double Pork Chop, $15.80.

Cass - Salmon Steak, $19.80.

Went to Lola's Cafe after that for desert so we booked our table first and went to take our ootd and pictures hahaha.
Peach, Raspberry & Apple Fruit juice, $6.
Trex - Lemon Meringue Tart, $5.

Jes - Callebaut Chocolate Tart Sprinkled with Seasalt, $5

Cass - Nutella Tart, $7

Mine - Brownie with Ice Cream, $7

HAHAHA LOL they took a lot of shots, cuties <333

Fluffy clouds hehehehehe.

Oh and we decided to go bugis after eating the desert... When we were crossing the road, I shouted "eh 80", our bus hahaha and jes grabbed cass's hand and just ran. Trex took my bag...... AND I RAN IN HEELS OMFG HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I didn't think that jes would run after the bus cause normally we'll just wait for the next bus hahahah. When we got on the bus, we were out of breath and laughing our ass off.

Here's the group photo <3 So sad that Joey didn't come on that day :(
Hehehe hi bby, please keep that big smile on your face alright. You're beautiful. Be happy cause we are all here to shower you with lots of love hehehe ;) I love you <3

Our selfies with the sky ;) we look like we were photoshopped onto this picture hahahah.
Ahhh I love all my girls <333 Alright, goodbye everyone! I am gonna head to bed now. Good night <3