Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wheeler's Yard

Hello everyone!!! Decided to give Wheeler's Yard a visit on friday with my girls. Wheeler's Yard is a bicycle themed cafe and I love the ambience, it's a perfect place to just chill/read a book and have a cup of coffee. Went to meet Jeslin first and we figured out on how to get there so that Joey and Cass could come meet us straight at Wheeler's Yard. Took our ootds and pictures then we headed in to settle down. 

We both got hungry while waiting for Cass and Joey... Plus it was raining so heavily so, we decided to eat first! This is mine, Chicken Yard Burger which costs $15.90.
And this is Jeslin's, Grilled Chicken which costs $17.90.

 Finally, this two came and I had to walk out to fetch them cause they couldn't find the place, luckily it was drizzling. They both ordered the same as Jes and we just chatted away about life and tv shows. It was a great time catching up with them but sadly, Trex wasn't there cause she had to study... But we'll go back there next time again ;)
Didn't manage to take a nice photo with all of them cause when we left, it was about to pour... :(

Went to bugis after that to just walk around and settled down for dinner at the food court, I had ice cream only hahahaha.
Kayla Crochet Bustier Maxi sponsored by @petitefairies

That's all for today! I am super upset right now cause my bf is leaving to kl for 4 days... But I hope that he will have fun there. Hoping that I'll be able to send him off. That is if his flight is not too early hahaha. Toodles!! :)


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