Monday, June 2, 2014

Distance | Advert: dmajestique & mightygirls

Finally uploaded another video up on my channel!! Hahaha I was procrastinating. Here it is! Enjoy and give the video a thumbs up ;)

Today was a stay home monday for me cause there is no school and I decided to just chill at home and finish up the video. I don't know why but sometimes when I take short naps, I'll have headache after I wake up??? So weird omg. Anyway, on saturday I went out with my bf. Bought tickets for x-men then we walked to haji lane cause he wanted to buy his stuff. Went back to bugis to walk around and we settled down at garena cafe cause my feet was hurting like shit :(
Went to the roof and he helped me took some pictures for my blog header and he said "tie it like that better lah" 

Bad lighting :(((((

He sent me home after that, miss this guy so much :((( can't wait to meet him tomorrow x

Went to meet Trex and Jeslin yesterday for study sesh. I did a few exam papers for revision and after that we all got distracted and ended up taking pictures HAHAHA.
They photobombed my selfie HAHAHAH

We decided to go to Astons for dinner. After settling down, I looked up and Eunice Annabel was sitting right in front of me. I was fangirling HAHAHA she look so gorgeous, she's so perfect!!! We wanted to take a picture with her after she finish eating but we didn't hahaha.

MoreEeeeEeeee pictures!!!
HAHAHA "the monkey emoji"


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Alright, that's all for today! It's going to be 1am soon and I better do some more revision for my paper later on! Wish me luck!! Good bye. :)