Monday, June 16, 2014

I miss you, Daddy!

Hello everyone! It's Father's Day today and I spent it with Gracia hahaha will update more about that on my next post. Have been reaching home quite late nowadays, so by the time I get home, it's either I'm too tired or lazy hahaha. Sorry y'all :( Haven't been updating any proper post... (HI EVERYONE THIS POST WAS SUPPOSE TO BE UP YESTERDAY, 15 JUNE BUT I FELL ASLEEP WHEN I WAS ALMOST DONE HAHAHAHA)
Went to meet my fav people. Spent our first half of the day waiting for Gracia to end her work and we caught a movie, million ways to die in the west. Hahaha the movie wasn't so bad, funny but I guess that I was too tired and I almost fell asleep...

This was during lunch, day 1 of helping hsbc!

At the end of day 1, even though I was too tired but I still went to the airport to meet my bf and had dinner tgt cause he was flying the next morning and I couldn't send him off, oh and he was at the airport to fetch his grandma.

Day 2!!! The kids were damn cute omggggg and the house that we helped out, was my senior's house. She asked if I was from bartley and I said yeah hahaha.
I kinda miss the kids omg... Seeing their happy faces, it melts my heart :')

Went to meet my babies for sushi hehehe <3 shall let the pictures do the talking.
Songye and Joey came & they joined us hehehe

Spent $35 on this new babies


Happy Father's Day <3
I still look the same omfg hahaha! DON'T EVEN ASK ABOUT MY HAIR HAHAHAHA ASK MY MOM :P

For those who do not know, a few years back, I did a post about my father. I wasn't really comfortable talking about him to my friends cause I was afraid that I would cry out loud but I grew stronger. My father passed away when I was P4... It's been so long, yes of course I still miss him and think about him every now and then but I know that in my heart, he'll always be here with me, by my side <3

Hi daddy!! How are you?! Hahaha everyone misses you. I just wanna wish you a happy father's day. Even though you're not here with us but I know that you're watching over all of us. :) I'll always be your little girl. I still remember the times when you would run here and there just to buy me the barbie dolls or toys that I wanted, you would bring me to the places that I wanna go no matter how tired you were. I miss it when you carry me back to my bedroom whenever I fall asleep on the sofa while watching tv. Ahhh I love the times when you would randomly sing songs just to cheer me and Talia up or just to make us smile/have a good laugh. I also remember the time when you had that talk with me about life and that sometimes it's okay to cry when I fall down but I must get up after that. There are so many more things to list down, I just wish that everything was still the same and that you were still here... Hahaha even though I can't rant to you/talk to you but I know that you're always here by my side, taking care of me. Happy Father's Day daddy, I love you <3

I'll just keep that short and simple! I miss you and I love you Daddy! Xoxo

Hehehe can't wait to meet him tmr <3 Alright that's all for today! I love y'all, good night.