Friday, June 13, 2014

Fridays are always the best!

Hello everyone hahaha. On Monday, I went to this HSBC challenge briefing for all the photographers and it ended at around 2, went to watch maleficent(it's so gooooood omg all of you should go watch it) with Eunice and Joyce, finally got to hang out with them after so longggg <3
I love the both of you omg I miss hanging out with you two :( We need to have more outings man! See you girls real soon xoxo <3

Left at around 5 and I went to meet my bf for dinner with Shao Zheng hahahaha.
That's all for today's update everyone. Sorry that this wasn't a proper update :( It is now 2am now and I am still blogging. I can't sleep argh. Alright, guess I'll see you guys tomorrow. ;)