Friday, June 20, 2014

I just want this moment to last forever

Hehehe hi everyone, I have been busy catching up with my fav tv shows, tvd and pll, that is why I didn't update this space for the past few days. Am currently watching new girl though hahaha I better blog and stop watching it for 15mins. Anyway, I have been meeting my bf for the past 4 days, Monday to Thursday. We're trying to spend as much time as we can during the holidays cause we know that once school starts, we won't have the time to meet each other :( Alright, I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking!

We caught the movie, Blended, and it was hella funny. All of you should go watch it hahahaha.


Helped him to carry is desktop back to his house and then we spent our afternoon setting it up and fixing the internet stuff. Then we went to jurong point and walked around.

I am loving my laptop right now hehehehe.

We went to catch Edge Of Tomorrow at JCube, the movie wasn't that bad actually. Wanted to take neoprints but he said that we have the whole of next week to take so I said okay hahaha. Oh and we saw ZeQuan hahaha said hi and bf talked to him abit about school.

Had a stay home thursday since I brought my laptop over to his house. He played LoL and he won 4 matches. WOW! HAHAHA no wonder he's so happy. Kinda just spent the rest of the day having heart to heart talks and talking about our future... We even lip sync to hangover and gangnam style and we took a video HAHAHAH what boredom did to us... Went to his grandma's house for dinner then I cabbed back home. The cab driver was speeding damn fast omg. I reached home in 15mins?!?!?! So fast?! Cause normally by public transport, I will take an hour and cab, it'll take like about 30mins for me to reach home. That cab driver is insane omg!

okay... that's all I have for today, I'll update tomorrow and update you all about what I did and where I went today hehehe toodles! <3