Saturday, June 7, 2014

Days like these... | Advert: Wonderstellar

Hello beautiful people!! I don't feel that well right now. Hoping that my headache will go away after I get some rest and I won't have fever or something. Am free like a bird right now cause exams are finally over and it's june holidays right now. I wanna get a job but... HAHA too lazy! Alright... I'll just let the pictures do the talking.
Cherie Floral Romper sponsored by @petitefairies

Went to meet my bf for lunch and I went to meet Gracia over at her house. Wanna thank her so much hehehe <3

On Friday, it was my last paper. So Gracia, Jobie, Amsyar and I went to nex for lunch first then went to Gracia's house to just chill.
This Graciaaaaaaa, bimbo no.1. She spammed me on whatsapp just to make sure that I drink a cup of warm water before she goes to sleep. Hahaha ai si ni lah <3

Jobie hahahah brace face, her laughter is really damn cute. Can't wait for the sleepover so me and Gracia can doll you up ;) I love you!!! <3

(I look super cui in the picture with Amsyar so... but you're still awesome HAHAHA)


That's all for today! Will be updating tomorrow about my trip to Wheeler's Yard hehehe. Thank you for reading <3


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Paddlepop Daisy Hem Romper
I adore this romper. I mean, who doesn't love paddlepop? It is such a happy and cheerful colour. Paddlepop + romper = cuteness overload?!?!?! I love it how that I am tan and I wear this romper, it kinda makes my skin glow ;) This romper is a must have(s) in every girl's wardrobe. It is so casual, you can wear it to anywhere. Throw on a cardigan if you'll get cold easily.

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Have fun shopping girls!! Xoxo

That's it for today!! Good bye everyone <3