Friday, April 27, 2012

We Are Young

Hi there, here for a short update and to tell you what I'm doing these few days. Sorry for not blogging but omg, no time to blog but today's Friday, and I'm so free now, must well blog hehe.

MYE starting next week (for my school), I'm sure all of your mid year have started so good luck to those who're taking it and also good luck to the rest of you who are waiting for your results, x. Brought all my textbooks back home 'cuz I don't want it to end up in my vp's office (she is so annoying), and yes, I need my textbooks for revision and stuffs. Have been real busy with school and tuitions (god damn it, my mum is killing me, tuition teacher too!). It's like 5 days (every week from now 'cuz of MYE) in a row I have tuition for different subject and some are extra classes. 

I think it's okay lah, since I must get my grades better and I MUST NOT RETAIN, and I won't! Man, I feel all of you who're taking your MYE, super stressed up right. But, still need to work harder, good luck to all of you.

I shall rant/talk about nonsensical stuff over here first since I have been in a fucked up mood these few days and I don't want it to affect my studies and all.

People change, feelings change, it doesn't mean that the love once shared wasn't true and real. It simply just means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.

We have got to accept the fact of whatever that is going to happen in the future, we have no idea and we have no say.  We all want a forever, never ending relationship but what do we get? Heartbreaks, bullshits, lies and many many more. Can you take all of that? Can you be strong and not cry to sleep every night? NO. I guess not, but of course for some of you, you can. I've been hurt and I've also been at my worse before, I know how it feels like to be hurt so badly and in the end, you'll still need to forget about everything and forgive. But that's what we need to sacrifice and do in love.


Have you ever think of this? "I AM SO SICK OF EVERYONE!" I'm sure everyone did. People gives us their bullshits and lies then walk away the next second and act like as if he/she didn't did anything wrong. We have to thank them too, cause they made us stronger. But....... sometimes I really find everyone annoying that I can murder anyone right on the spot when he/she talks to me, meh maybe I'm pms-ing or else, I'm in a fucked up mood. I'm sorry but ya, y'all just talk to me at the wrong timing.............. Okie, don't wanna talk about ME 'cuz later 'em haters will be judging me and blah blah blah!!!!!!

 You can't change what's done, you can't go back in time, you can't try to change the hurt feelings or mend the broken hearts. All you can do is learn from your mistakes, and hope you will never regret anything as much as you do now. Why complicate life? Missing somebody? Call. Wanna meet up? Invite. Wanna be understood? Explain. Have questions? Ask. Don't like something? Say it. Like something? State it. Want something? Ask for it. Love someone? Tell it. It doesn't mean that when you feel so much pain, you made the wrong decision. Sometimes, doing the right thing can be painful too, so bear with it, stay strong.

I have decided that today is a new day, a new me, a new Vanessa and a new happy me. I don't want to be crying to sleep all night over stupid things and I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANYTHING FROM NOW ON F'YEAH!!!!!! Care-free girl ya. ;-)

I find my post very nonsense ah...... Anyways, I'll not be blogging till after MYE end. So, I'm sorry if I neglect blogger and keep all my readers waiting for my update. I promise you, I'll update by the end of May or so. :-) More pictures coming up so do look forward to it, for now, I'm gonna work real hard and get my grades better. ;-) buh-bye! x