Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Some things are just worth the money

Hello everybodyyyyy! Went out with Cass, Jeslin and Songye today. I was so pissed cause I went all the way to promenade for nothing. I needed to collect something but the seller didn't reply my text or answer my calls. Rushed down to town to meet Jeslin cause she was waiting for quite long already and her phone was left with 4% and it lasted her for and hour HAHAHAH WOAH! Sat down at Artese and we waited for cass and songye. We were talking about something, a surprise heheh it's a secret ;) Oh, talking about bubble tea, I am craving for it right now :(


Dinner at Shokudo!

Went to walk around at cine anddddd we found out that the editor's market/preview is selling away items at mad cheap prices. And guess how much is this UNIF heels? $50. JUST FIFTY DOLLARS SIA OMFG!! The RTP is confirm at the range of $150-$200++, it was hard to believe that it was $50 at first cause I thought that it'll be a $50 discount. I was jumping like crazy after cass asked if it's $50.

Went to the other shop that was having a moving out sale from $5 and I bought a top from them!! I spent so much money today omg!! Wanted to save it but it's okay, I can save again hahah. Yay tomorrow is a holiday so I can sleep longer and spend more time with my bed hehe. That's all for today you all, stay tune for my next update!! <3