Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cause all of me loves all of you

Hello everyone! Hehe I have no school today so I was able to get enough sleep and I felt really very good. Man, school have taken up most of my time and I definitely have not been getting enough sleep. Sooo while I was doing my proposal for my assignments, I have been rewatching movies... Mean Girls, Frozen, High School Musical and The House Bunny. My all time fav movies <3 Well, these are just a few of them! I miss the feeling of "having a life" man. I only get to eat dinner with my bf or friends & on the weekends, I will either be doing my homework or I'll be out to relieve stress and just spend a day with my loved ones. I really can't wait for june holidays though hehehe.

Okay... Moving on...

Went to bowling with my classmates on Monday cause we had no class as some of my other classmates have their photoshoot assignment. We also had lunch at mac. Talking about mac, I have been eating mac for like more than a week. I need to cut down on junk food man. And it is time to not be lazy & exercise!
1st game's final score. At first I was quite lucky but after awhile, I got really unlucky :(((


Met up with my babygirls today hehehe <3 Joey didn't come cause she got tuition but we'll still meet this friday ;) I met trex at cine first then we walked around and did some window shopping. We got ice cream too heheh but I got sick and tired of my chocolate ice cream after awhile cause it was too bitter. And I got a new shades like yayyyyyyy finally. Cause my other round shades broke :( Oh and I also got a new wide angle lens cause I lost mine, AGAIN...
Dotty Mesh Skirt sponsored by @shopmiyage <3

Lala came at around 5+ and we took our ootds hahaha. I almost wear the exact same outfit as lala today. Just that I decided to change to this blue top that I'm wearing. Wanted to wear her top, too but in white :p

Cass came after we're done taking our ootd pictures HAHAHA.

Anddddd we headed to 18 chefs for dinner!
Well, the ice cream was really very disappointing cause I was really looking forward to eat it. MY STOMACH ALWAYS HAVE ROOM FOR ICE CREAM, NO MATTER HOW FULL I AM.

We walked to Orchard cause we had nothing to do and ended up walking into ION!


Some pictures taken at the gallery in ION, everything looks so nice omg! If you're an art student or just a fan of art etc., you should really go check it out. Forgot where this place is in ION but you can google :))
That's it for today's update everybody! It's 12:30MN already, I better go to bed now and get more rest! I'll see you guys really soon okay. Love y'all!! Good bye <3