Monday, April 7, 2014

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Hello everyone! So school re-opened today and I thought that I overslept when I woke up this morning hahaha. And my neck is aching very badly right now. Can't even get up properly this morning HAHAHA. I am so nervous for my assignment 3 for my photography class, I can't breathe!!! Anyway, I went to Adventure Cove with my bf, and two of his cousins. I was late to meet them haha. Sooo, I should just let the pictures do the talking :)

Uploaded a new video on my channel heheh yes, I will be doing video diaries/vlogs every now and then ;)

Finally got our tickets and we got 10% discount cause Berlin has the 6 months pass.
The locker is super huge hahaha.

We went to Riptide Rocket first, and it was daaaaa best ride everrrr!!! I was actually scared at first but after that, I wanted to go on the ride again and again hahaha but the queue for this ride is the longest x.x
Next, we went to the Spiral Washout, we got on the two rider float, the ride lasted for less than a minute?!?! And for the Pipeline Plunge, we got on the single rider float cause we didn't want to wait. Oh, and going to ACW is a good workout cause you'll have to climb the stairs for most of the rides hahaha. After awhile, berlin's colleague and his daughter came to join us and we went to splashworks to see if there is anything fun, and we only jump off from the platform cliff thingy and my ears hurt like a bitch after I jumped cause of the air pressure. 

Went to queue for the Tidal Twister after that, Berlin and Amanda went backwards halfway for this ride. And we queued again for Whirlpool Washout, me & my bf turned backwards this time round, Berlin and Amanda also HAHAHA, it was scary as fuck to go down backwards but quite fun also lah! Berlin left after that cause she have to go. We just went to the wave pool for awhile, chilled and waited for the waves to come.

After awhile, we called Berlin up and ask her if she was still in Sentosa and we went to eat lunch at Astons together. (I didn't even eat for breakfast omg and I was starving)
Went back into the water after we got back and this time, I brought my phone down with me, and my fisheye too!!
Went around the lazy river 2 times hahahah
I love this part the most hehehehe

Went to the wavepool after that hehehehe then we finally queued for our last ride, Dueling Racer. my heartbeat raced when it was about to be my turn but I grow-ed some balls after the first ride and decided to just go for it and not back out!! 

Sooo me and Adelia(I forgot her name haha but I think it is spelled like that) went to Rainbow Reef, the others didn't want to go so I decided to accompany her hahaha
Retarded me hahaha

I couldn't take a clearer picture :(((

Went to Splashworks again and I tried all the other stations other hehehe

They chased us out cause it was already 6, then we went to bathe!!

Walked back to Vivo and we said our goodbyes to Berlin's colleague & his daughter then we went to eat Menchie's!!! My fav <3
And that's all!! :) Overall, I enjoyed my ACW trip hehe, thanks to the people that I went with, I'M NO LONGER A ADVENTURE COVER VIRGIN YAYYYY. Though a lot people think that it is not fun but I think it is quite fun hahaha. Alright, I'll see you all on my next update! Good bye and good night :)