Saturday, April 26, 2014

Old School

Hello everyone!! This morning when I woke up, I thought it was Monday and I was late for school and I panicked HAHAHA. But when I checked my phone, I remembered that today was Sunday anddddd I went back to sleep again *laughing emoji*, can't wait to meet my man later <3 Didn't have the time to update last night cause I was too tired. Went out with 2/4 of my babygirls again hehehe. Cass was suppose to come but she have to finish her work. Went to town cause we wanted to shop a little and I was so pissed off cause my wide angle lens has a scratch on it so whenever I take a pic/video, it'll be blur in the middle of it. Lesson learnt: ALWAYS put on the cap on the wide angle lens FIRST before you putting it into my bag. I'll just let the pictures do the talking.
Hehe saw my dearest cupcake while I was waiting to get tables at the 1.50 sushi place in cine. Talked to her for abit and took pictures HAHAHA she's so adorable & sweet <3

Me: Why don't have the egg thing ah?
Jes: Oh ya ah...
*After 5 mins*
Trex: *shocked(cause she thought what happened)*
ME: *does the happy dance* 

Went to f21 after that, wanted to go look for Effie at her workplace but it was too far cause lala and me were wearing heels and lala's feet was gonna break soon, so we didn't go :( Sorry Effie, maybe on Friday okay! <3 HAHAHA.
Settled down at costa coffee and I got my free drink!

Went to h&m and nothing really caught my eye :/ But I tried a pullover & dress!! We wanted to get the big changing room but I guess that it was occupied.
That's it for today!! See you guys soon again, bye!!! <3


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