Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Friday | With my favorite people

Hello everyone!! Finally, here's a proper update hehehe. So yesterday was a Good Friday and I went to meet my babygirls <3 It started to pour 15 minutes before I wanted to leave the house... Trex reached bugis first cause her bf went to meet her for awhile :p then I went to meet her, we're always the first ones to reach, and we just walked around. Cass came and we walked around again. Then, Jes finally came and we went to the arcade cause jes wanted to play mmt while waiting for Joey. Finally, everyone was here! Feels good to go out as a whole entire group again. Hehe I miss hanging out together with them as a whole group. I really can't wait for our next outing! <3
Top is from, advert will be up on my blog very soon!

We walked to haji lane and went there to take lots of photos. <3 Going out with your best friends = taking tons of photos.

Joey is always giving the sian face.... HAHAHA
HEHEHE so much love for these girls <3 I don't know what I would do without them :(
Wanna thank Balqis for helping us to take our group shots. HAHAH she walked pass us lots of times sia!!

Had our dinner at Shokudo, Japanese Coffee House.
The food was superrrrr good but I couldn't finish(sadly...) cause I was too full :( Oh and... We ordered a cup of water and all of us share. Since it can be refilled, we kept on asking for a refill every 5 minutes HAHAHA, #shitbestfriendsdotosavemoney!

I was trying to take a mirror selfie and this happened.... All of them ran into my picture HAHAHA

After dinner, we walked around and just talked. Then we went home cause we were super tired already. It was indeed a day well spent with them. I love these girls with all my heart. <3 They brighten up my day by just laughing, and telling each other lots of jokes HAHAH.

Sooo... something kinda happened on instagram. If y'all noticed, I changed my insta name for awhile... All of us changed HAHAHA. Trex - ObamaT, Jes - ohsienlong, Joey - Osamaj97, Cass - kimjongun and me - queenelizabetht HAHAHAHA I can't even... I remember that we were talking about our twitter/insta password, then we just suddenly talked about changing our usernames to the ones above hahaha. I have no idea how we came up with this thing man, ahhh I love them so much! I couldn't stop laughing at the comments HAHAHAH. 

Looking forward to meet all of them very soon hehehe, I love all of you, babygirls <3 <3 <3


Went to meet my bf today and we had breakfast at Mos Burger. Oh fyi, and I am obsessed with their milk tea.
We kinda just chilled at his house. His dad cooked us green bean soup and I also brought my laptop to his house and we watched movies. I watched the last half of Saw 7/3D by myself cause my bf got bored and he went to watch his youtube vids. HAHAH that ass!!!

I'll end my post here. And I'll see you all very soon again. Good bye!! <3