Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello everyone! I am doing my last minute presentation HAHA gotta rush if not Ms Stella will kill me! Have been so busy with school and it is stressing me out... Here's a good luck to my classmates who are doing their photography assignment tomorrow! Do your best!! :) Argh I don't want next Monday to come cause I don't wanna do my assignment. So stress sia!!! Moving on, went to meet my classmates on sat to buy our backdrop. We waited for Kai Yee till 5++ cause she overslept HAHAHA after that, I went to meet my bf!

Sooo today, I went to meet my bf again(Sunday is the only time that the both of us can spend quality time together :(). We wanted to watch a movie but I didn't felt like it so we had an impromptu outing to botanic gardens HAHAHAHA. While we were strolling, we had our heart to heart talk session hahaha it just feels good to know about how he is doing with school & his friends.  

We left at around 6++ and headed back to his house to chill then we went to his grandma's house for dinner! 
That's it for today's update everyone! Hope that the picture of the flowers cheered you up a little ;) Alright, I'll be back for an update very soon, goodbye & goodnight everybody <3